Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy V-day

Look at all these fools
These pathetic tools
Buying chocolates and other gifts
Like Diamond rings that don’t even fit
Cause us girls
We want the world
You boys
Only think with your toy
Why not, it’s Valentine’s Day
Well I say, Nay!
Stop putting price tags
On romance!
You can’t buy love
You can’t buy us!
But wouldn’t it be sweet
To get those pralines
That pink diamond ring
Someone picking you up
With a limousine
Dammit Cupid
You got me thinking all stupid
Now, where is my Valentine?

Valentines Day Poem

This Valentine’s Day poem was written by my ever-poetic friend Mindy Au aka Melancholy Moon. 

Whatever you’re doing today, whether you’re going out with your significant other or your hanging out with your girlfriends today, here’s our Valentine’s Day card to you. Happy Valentine’s Day y’all! <3