Heart Talk

Sakura Cherry Blossom Park Amsterdam


Amsterdam, The Netherlands
| 20 April 2017

Sakura Cherry Blossom Park Amsterdam

Well hello there, beauty 😉

I’ve taken some time off from my blogging duties these past few months – you may have noticed the silence here. Not because I didn’t want to be here. Quite the contrary. This personal space of mine on the internet is something I hold dear. It’s my home, my visual diary and with every post I write I hope to pull you into my world. If I could, I would spend all of my time creating visual stories here. But these last few months have been somewhat of a rollercoaster ride. An amazing one at that – don’t get me wrong. I got to travel to Los Angeles, New York and Berlin this year alone – which is amazing and I feel incredibly blessed with these opportunities. But traveling takes up so much time and I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t losing track of my ambitions and that I take the time to reflect on my work again.

This year in September will be the third anniversary of The Avantguardian. It’s still far away, but close enough for me to want to think about change. Visuals have always been key here so that’s still going to be my main focus. When I look at my current content – I’m super proud of everything I’m producing. But there’s always room for improvement. I am always so humbled by the readership the blog attracts and I think photography and visual styling plays a big part in that. So I want to make it a point to keep you readers interested and wowed. I want to keep pushing myself as a creative to make sure that the content I make is as good and inspiring as the content I take my inspirations from in magazines, films, tv, books etc (or make it even better – that’s the aim). I want to experiment with fashion and beauty photography and try out video to add another dimension. And really elevate The Avantguardian to an editorial platform for stylish, jetsetting women (and men) everywhere in the world.

Sounds ambitious right? I know – I’m feeling nervous just talking about this already! It means I’m going to have to change my editorial calendar a bit and it’s going to be a heavier work load definitely. So allow me to take the time to figure out this transition properly!

There are those who say that the blogging days as we used to know are over. That bloggers don’t blog for their readers anymore but for brands and that video is the future. I don’t know what the future is of blogging. I think that, as long as we live for the things we love, there’s always going to be a space for inspirational content. What we have to do as bloggers, is to not confine ourselves to what is currently defined as blogging. We can make blogging a respected professional business and lose the stigma surrounding the blogging industry. We see magazines shifting focus to blogs already but there’s still this gap from our end of the field. I’d love to see this change – and I’d love to be part of this change.

So that’s going to be my challenge for this year. To bring you my stories packaged in stunning and mouthwatering visuals! And to close the gap between old and new media. I may have to form an army of fellow creatives to do this. But there hasn’t been a better time than now.

I’m taking the transformation of The Avantguardian step by step. Keep an eye on this spot 😉

Yours truly,