Hello 2017

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

HELLO 2017

life | 4 January 2016

Hello 2017

Last year was a rollercoaster ride – at least, it felt like one. Jumping ship, reassessing my goals, running the blog’s first full year as a business, taking on photography projects, carefully selecting collaboration partners for projects on the blog, squeezing in some alone time with K and family and friends here and there.

The other day someone asked me how much time I spend blogging and photographing on a daily basis. When you do what you love, it’s hard to pin down the moment you start and end your work day. And it almost doesn’t seem fair to call it a work day, mainly because it doesn’t feel like one at all. But also because there seems to be no end to the work cycle. Your mind is constantly on the move. You’re thinking of new projects, future shoots, things to improve, things you need to educate yourself on. Doing the actual work takes up only part of the time chart – most of the time you spend planning and preparing. And emailing – the amount of emails I get is even more than when I was still working a corporate job. And the many, many sleepless nights, just because you were in a creative working flow and didn’t want to disrupt it. These nights usually come with a set of dark circles the next day (high five if this is you too).

I do miss the office though sometimes. The rhythm of working life. The sense of camaraderie among colleagues. And to an extent, knowing what you’re in for every day, every week. There’s nothing like uncertainty and open roads to make a person run faster, but at one point, you do realize you are running onto an open field without any destination or whatsoever. And it hinders you from making progress. You start doing things on repeat. And you then reach the point where the main challenge has become time.

Which is when you know you need to shake things up again.

If 2016 was the year of change, 2017 is going to be the year of growth. Of expanding and improving my work and bringing you guys even more inspiring content. Of exploring photography and videography more and experimenting with editing, cinemagraphs and stop motions. And focusing only on projects that push the boundaries of the ordinary.

This is probably going to be another rollercoaster ride of a year (and probably lots of sleepless nights) – but I’m ready for it!