Hello Holiday Season

Hello Holiday Season

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


life | 12 December 2016

I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas. This year flew by like any other year and perhaps even faster. I remember starting the year with all of my ambitions and goals for this year. One of which was starting a Youtube channel. Fast forward to eleven months later – it’s here.

I would have had it up and running sooner if it weren’t for a few obstacles. First there was the matter of confidence, or rather, lack thereof. Isn’t there something ironic in a photographer not being comfortable in front of the camera? I just couldn’t get myself to do it all year. And then there was the constant going back-and-forth about the concept of the channel. Not that I was going to come up with something remotely genius like You Suck At Cooking (cracks me up every time) or The Slow Mo Guys (how perfectly plain and yet amusing idea). But I wanted it to at least have a structure.

Which by the way, I do not yet have. But, I will try to find it along the way (somewhere by year’s end preferably).

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this week’s posts. We’re running a bit late this week due to the setting up of the Youtube channel but we’ll have things up again asap! In the mean time, we’ve compiled a holiday gift guide (beauty edition) for you guys and we’re writing about our dinner at Woo Bros recently (they serve a lovely soft-shell crab bun!). See you guys in a week with more holiday posts!