Hello Spring

Hello Spring Bobbi Brown Art Sticks


Amsterdam, The Netherlands
| 27 March 2017
Created for Bobbi Brown

Spring has sprung!

It was about time. My Asian genes can’t handle going this long without sun (in serious need of vitamin D). It’s why Asian people always have to go back to Asia in the winter and I don’t blame them. Winters here are dark and sad. Kind of like a David Lynch movie, sans the excitement and mystery. 

The coming of spring always marks the beginning of new challenges and new plans for me. Goals I have set in January are either forgotten or shamelessly put to rest. Temporarily – that is what I tell myself. But the longer I wait, the higher the chances are of an eternal deferment. So spring is always a good moment for evaluating progress – and in my case – the lack thereof.

Hello Spring Bobbi Brown Art Sticks


Hello Spring Bobbi Brown Art Sticks

Hello Spring Bobbi Brown Art Sticks

Bobbi Brown Art Stick


Hello Spring Bobbi Brown Art Sticks

Things on the agenda for The Avantguardian this year…

1./ Extend my photography portfolio with fashion and beauty photography. I’m a food and still life photographer and through my travels, I’ve built an extensive portfolio of travel photography as well. This year I want to add studio work to my portfolio. It was on the agenda for January already but with my traveling plans in between I’ve had to postpone it. 

2./ Video. It’s the future. Every day I’m inspired by fellow photographers Mr. Ben Brown and vlogger Casey Neistat. I see it as a new way of visual storytelling. At one point I want to start making (short) films again, but I haven’t been able to start this up yet.

3./ Be more creative – in the broadest sense of the word. I’m experimenting with illustrating (it’s alright, no?), painting and I want to start with creative writing again. For me it’s not only a way of expressing myself but it’s highly therapeutic as well. Gets my mind of my ever-growing pile of work.

Looking at these goals, I think it’s going to be a pretty challenging year. But hey, Beyonce wasn’t built in a day. My armor this year will consist of my trusty Canon camera, my pen (or laptop) and an artsy lip tint. Girl has to look fierce conquering the world.

Spring World, I’m ready for ya.