High Wine

Dylan High Wine

Dylan High Wine
Dylan High Wine

Where there’s wine, there’s, well, me. Pair it with food (good food mind you) and you make me a happy woman. We recently visited the Dylan Hotel in Amsterdam to try their High Wine. I didn’t know of the concept and I’m sure I haven’t seen it anywhere in London yet. But I’ve said it many times before, Amsterdam’s food scene is highly progressive and innovative these days and I am so proud of that. So, what is a High Wine? In short, it’s a concept where you enjoy an afternoon wine (instead of tea) and have amazing food prepared for the wines (instead of the other way around). Now, I’m no wine connoisseur, which I regret, because I think a decent food blogger should know about wines. I am planning on taking a wine course in the future so I can write more about it. So I apologize beforehand for any weird notions I’ll be making.

We start with a 2014 Manz Scheurebe Kalkstein from Germany, paired with a starter of albacore tuna, poached egg, crispy seaweed and pink pepper. The salad was light and tasted like summer – it went well with the citrusy flavor of the wine. We continue with a 2014 Domaine Massic Vionier, paired with a fish soup served with mulled filet, mussels, squid, potatoes from Texel and a cheese crostini with aioli. The white wine’s beautiful tropical aroma brought out the intensity of the soup. This was our favorite!

As a ‘main’ (of the high wine), we have an Agriverde Riseis Montepulciano d’Abruzzo from Italy, paired with a roasted pheasant breast with sauerkraut, bacon and laurel sauce. This Italian red comes from the Montepulciano grapes grown in the Abruzzo region and has a well-rounded plum and cherry scent. Lastly, we have a 2014 Tschida Angerhof Spatlese, paired with a Gateau Opera of dark chocolate, coffee mousse and a Mascarpone sorbet. The dessert wine was a lusciously sweet wine that I kept on drinking. I tend to dislike dessert wines as they’re often overly sweet, but this one was much lighter, which I enjoyed more. The mascarpone ice cream by the way – heavenly. I kept on scooping until there was nothing left on the plate (I may or may not have licked the plates clean – no one will ever know). 

The High Wine at the Dylan Hotel is an interesting tasting of wine and food pairings. I don’t know if it was meant to be this way, but in a way it felt like we went through a cycle of seasons, starting with summer (salad), fall (soup), winter (hearty pheasant), ending with spring (light notes in the dessert wine). The high wine is probably best enjoyed if you have a better understanding of wines, but even if you don’t, I feel like it’s something you can enjoy anyway. Mind you, the dishes are small in portion, they’re supposed to be bite-sized. 

Dylan High Wine
Dylan High Wine
Dylan High Wine
Dylan High Wine
Dylan High Wine
Dylan High Wine
  • Shoshana

    Your dining experience sounds amazing. A glass of wine in the afternoon, I see nothing wrong with that. However I’ve never had my coarse prepared around the wine. As you stated, it’s usually the other way around.
    We have The Dylan Hotel here in NYC as well. I’ll have to see if they offer the same option. Wonderful post.


    • I also loved that this high tea the wines were the center of attention (while the dishes were great as well!) I didn’t know they had a Dylan Hotel in NYC – I thought it was a Dutch hotel! I hope they have the high wine; if you go let me know how it is over there!
      Thanks for stopping by Shoshana! Have a great day!

  • My husband and I are huge lovers of wine, so I appreciate this post! I mainly love Pinot Noir, which I tend to have when I eat meat of some sort. I’ve recently been hearing about German wine, which I’ve never tried. From what I understand, they’re very creative with their wines and tend to blend different fruits, which was confirmed with your description of the citrus flavor. I tend to skip dessert wines for the same reason, I don’t like how sweet they are and when paired with dessert, I feel like it’s way too much.

    I look forward to reading your posts in the future about the different wines, since I really enjoy learning about them and trying new ones out.

    Thanks so much for sharing, beautiful, and I hope you’re having a lovely day so far!



    • Oh I love a good Pinot! I agree, they go well with red meats! I can’t wait to explore more wines on this blog. I really need to take a wine class to understand wines better so I can write about it more properly. Hope you enjoyed this post though!
      Thanks for stopping by Jalisa! It’s always a pleasure seeing you here! Have a great day dear! <3

  • I don’t know too much about wine so I leave the pairings up to the experts. But I do have an interest in food. All those dishes look exquisite. That opera cake sounds delicious!

    xx Yasmin


    • Oh you would have loved the opera cake (and the mascarpone ice!)!
      Thank you for stopping by Yasmin! <3

  • Trang Do

    Sounds amazing! Love this post!!
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    I like your blog, its really dope.
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  • K.

    I heard of it last year as ‘high vino’, unfortch I cannot take in that many wine, but it sounds great 😀 haha

    • Haha, it’s all experience anyway! K is a huge wine lover so he really appreciated the high wine!
      Happy holidays dear! <3

  • What a gorgeous restaurant and meal! I can only imagine how delicious all the food and wine tasted 🙂 Hope you had an amazing time!


    • We had a delightful afternoon of wining and dining, thanks Erica! Happy holidays to you!

  • Sharan

    Beautiful photos! The meal looks delightful!


  • Wioletta M.
  • Mes Voyages à Paris

    This looks so cool!!


    Mónica Sors



  • Everything looks delicious, I love your writing and photos. Have a nice weekend 🙂


  • Violette

    I’d love to go to Amsterdam, it seems to be so beautiful and a great spot for food!! Have a nice weekend x


  • Christa Sagmoe

    Everything looks so delicious!