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March 2018

Created for Lancôme

The Avantguardian Igrien

Looking back at these previous years of my career path, there have been two moments that have defined my life the most. The first is most definitely quitting my career in law. I have discussed that here many times before so I won’t go into it again too much. The second, was to continue my creative journey. Last year, I was looking to expand my creative outlet, more than I had been doing previously.

My fellow bloggers advised against it. Why change a job that was already providing a steady income and loads of creative fulfilment?

The latter is, I guess, subjective. Blogging – and Instagram as its extent – had started to feel like a market of doing whatever had worked before. A lack of originality or creativity is quickly awarded, as long as you reach the amount of ‘mechanical love’.

Last year I chose against it. I wanted to grow into my role as a photographer, creative artist and visual storyteller. 

So as for highlights, last year’s decision was definitely a big one.

And speaking of highlights, in a different manner, this post is about the Lancôme custom glow drop. For when you can’t wait a year for your next highlight (but instead you want to achieve daily). Here’s how.

The Avantguardian Igrien

1. Prep your skin with your daily skincare routine. Start with a face wash and continue with your serums and moisturisers for a hydrated skin.

2. Apply concealer on spots that need concealing. For me, that’s usually under the eyes and some dark spots I have on my face.

3. Take a few drops of the custom highlighting drops in Rose Glow (or the glow of your preference – champagne, gold or bronze) and mix it into your Lancôme Teint Idole foundation

4. Now some articles will tell you to apply the foundation all over the face. This hasn’t worked for me though as it gives your face an all over strobing effect. What I do is, I apply the foundation to where I want the highlighting effect to be. The rest of my face, I’ll use my foundation without the drops. 

5. Finish your look with a setting powder and a blush of your choice.

6. Finally, add just a bit of highlighter powder to give your look an extra oomph.

And that’s it – you’re ready to shine! 

The Avantguardian Igrien