Hosokawa Amsterdam

Hosokawa Amsterdam

Hosokawa Amsterdam

Hosokawa Amsterdam
Hosokawa Amsterdam

Hosokawa Amsterdam Restaurant Sushi

Hiromichi Hosokawa Amsterdam
Hosokawa Amsterdam

Hosokawa Amsterdam Restaurant Sushi

Hosokawa Amsterdam Restaurant Sushi
Hosokawa Amsterdam Restaurant Sushi

Hosokawa Amsterdam Restaurant Sushi

Hosokawa Amsterdam Restaurant Sushi

Hosokawa Amsterdam Restaurant Robata
Hosokawa Amsterdam Restaurant Robata Wagyu Beef

We arrive at restaurant Hosokawa in Amsterdam on a hot summer night. I had been out of the country for two weeks and for two weeks straight the weather in London had been grey and rainy. Coming back to my hometown, where the sun actually exists, and on that particular sunny night, it made my homecoming as perfect as ever. We wait in line as a group of customers are being seated by the window and by the teppan grill table. Soon we were led to the best seats possible in a Japanese restaurant: the chef’s table.

Executive chef Hiromichi Hosokawa stands in the restaurant as a proud yet humble man. He’s hunched back behind the counter busy preparing a dish, but gives us a warm welcoming smile. Hosokawa, which translates to ‘narrow river’, formerly trained as a Master Chef at Amsterdam’s famous Okura Hotel. After 20 years, Hosokawa decided it was time to open his own restaurant. And so he did, in 1992. In the heart of Amsterdam, Hosokawa is a restaurant that honors the art of sushi making, teppan grill and robata.

We sample the chef’s sushi omakase, an experience where you leave the selection of sushi to the chef. The rice was as well-balanced as we had had in a long time and the fish was sliced in a rather sophisticated manner. Not rectangle-shaped like it is usually served in restaurants, but beautifully tailed. Each piece leaves you excited for the next one. This is where you go when you want to enjoy sushi the way it was meant to be eaten – delicate and refined.

We move on to a nigiri platter highlighting the tuna nigiri varieties, including yellow fin tuna, bluefin tuna and the fatty part of bluefin tuna (also known as toro) which was a little piece of heaven on its own (we thank the chef for this delightful moment).

After the sushi, we sample a scallop tempura dish, lightly battered, in a sweet tempura sauce with radish. And we finish with Japanese wagyu from the robata grill. Robatayaki (robata translates to ‘around the fire’) is a method of slow-grilling food on skewers over hot charcoal. Not to be confused with teppanyaki, where food is prepared on a hot iron surface. Japanese wagyu beef is known for its intense marbling. The quality of the meat demands a high price and only few restaurants have the privilege of serving it. The experience of having wagyu beef is like no other. The marbling of the meat makes the meat melt in your mouth. And it has such a rich flavor.

We talk with chef Hosokawa about his experience as a chef, bluefin tuna, wagyu beef and eating good food around the world. The chef talks about food with passion and that passion translates into his food. The humble chef is all smiles when we tell him how much we loved it. And that says something about the chef, knowing he has served so many people over the years already. I guess at the end of the day, that is the goal of a chef. To be able to perfect your craft and leave people astonished. 

Which we certainly were. 

Restaurant Hosokawa, Max Euweplein 22, Amsterdam

Executive chef Hiromichi Hosokawa

Sous chef Makoto Hosokawa

Sous chef Marcell Cheng

  • rae

    Wow this place looks incredible and my mouth is just watering looking at all this yummy food. Stunning photography as well, lady! Will definitely have to go here next time I am in Amsterdam.

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    • Haha thanks Rae! Yeah definitely do! We have a lot of Japanese restaurants but there are few that are good. This one is one of my faves in Amsterdam!
      Thanks for stopping by Rae!

  • Seriously, my jaw is dropping over this. Honestly, I don’t eat seafood. I don’t like it and don’t eat it but every now and then I get very tempted by concoctions that are displayed most resplendently. Like right now.


    • Haha Sonia, I’m always happy if my photos result in mouth watering and utter drool fests! Do you like sushi then? Japanese is one of my favorite cuisines (the other one being Italian) and I love seafood in general!

  • Fab photos and the sushi looks very inviting, even though I don’t like eating it! I’m a vegetarian and in my case sushi tends to taste really bland. Or perhaps I haven’t eaten in the right restaurants, I’m not sure; what do you reckon?

    • Oh Izzy, do try one time! It definitely shouldn’t be bland. I love eating sushi with soy sauce and wasabi >> magical combo! It’s one of those things I could eat all day I think!

  • I’ve been craving sushi recently, your photos are making me drool 😛 hehe

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

    • Haha thanks Lily! I love sushi so these photos had me drooling all over again :p

  • floor | floorheid

    Oh, dat ziet er echt goddelijk uit!

    • Dag Floor, het was ook echt heerlijk! Ik heb in ieder geval een nieuwe favoriet in Amsterdam! 😀

  • Oh this looks heavenly and so artistic! x


    • It does, doesn’t it Bibi? I can’t get enough of sushi anyway,.. in fact, may have sushi tonight haha!

  • Oh wow, this place looks absolutely amazing, and the food looks stunning! Beautiful photos!


    • Thanks Valerie! It absolutely was amazing! I’m gonna have to go back again soon.. they’re introducing a new bento box and ramen on their menu :D~~~

  • I really enjoyed these pics, thanks for sharing!
    Check out my new post BLACK CHIC look on


    • Thanks Nataliya and thanks for stopping by! I will definitely check it out!

  • Tracy

    What a wonderful restaurant! The food looks absolutely delicious!

    Fashion Soup

    • I know right, and it absolutely was! I can’t wait to go back again soon!

  • Warmer weather sounds delightful, that must have been nice to return to. I really admire your food photography, by the way 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


    • Thanks Gabrielle!
      Oh I would prefer sun and shine over cold and frost any time!
      Thanks for stopping by Gabrielle!

  • The tailed fish!!! And that wagyu beef looks so delectable. Sounds like a meal to remember! Beautiful photos 🙂

    xx Yasmin


    • Oh definitely Yasmin, you should’ve been there. And wagyu beef… I have no words for it. It leaves you wanting for more!
      Thanks for stopping by Yasmin! <3

  • Oh my gosh, everything looks amazing! Sushi is my weakness haha. Gorgeous photos by the way!



    Looks by Lau

    • Thanks Christina! I have a weakness for sushi as well. You could wake me up any time during the night for sushi! Thanks for stopping by Christina! <3

  • Mlle Coconath

    Beautiful pictures! Looks amazing!


    Mademoiselle Coconath


  • I love reading your blog! The pictures are amazing each time!

    This looks so yummy! The love is translated into the food indeed!



    • Ahw thank you Dora, that means a lot <333
      It definitely was yummy. I would go back in an instant if I could!
      Thanks for stopping by Dora!

  • This place looks ecstatic

    Makes me want to go for a sushi later.

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

    • Haha and did you? I have a weakness for sushi. I wouldn’t mind having sushi every day of the week 😀

  • Monique | WritingMonique

    I am not a big fan of sushi, but this place itself looks amazing!


    • It was Monique! We eat out a lot and sometimes it’s a win, sometimes it’s not. This was definitely a winner in our books!

  • What incredible sushi photos. Teppanyaki and sushi are two of my favorite Japanese foods!


    • Oh Audrey, I have a feeling you and I could become great friends! I wouldn’t mind having sushi or teppanyaki every day of the week 😀 Thanks for stopping by Audrey!

  • Beautiful photos,it looks amaxzing.


  • this looks like a great place to dine!

  • K.

    Iggy, looks delicious, I’ve heard of this place before and was waiting for your review 🙂
    Pics are perfect as always. G’luck in London!

    • Definitely go! We were left in awe after dinner. When you do go, sit at the chef’s table and have a chat with the chef during dinner. He’d love that!

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