How to start your Monday

How To Start Your Monday Girlboss Style


life, career | 26 September 2016

We get it – you hate Mondays. So do we. Monday is like the disease you wish you never had, repeatedly. And let’s be frank, it’s nobody’s favorite day of the week (sorry, Monday).

But instead of sitting behind your desk at work, moping and trying to relive the magic that was the weekend, we’ve got you covered with some tips that will help you get over this hangover (which is what Monday really is, a bad, bad hangover). Here’s how to start your Monday – like a boss!

1. Get coffee – this is essential. Without this, you will never survive. Never.

2. Do your rounds! Meaning, look for your ‘work’ friends. It may take a while to figure this one out. Nobody really has them (and if you do, they’re most likely not your friends). Doing rounds is not only good for increasing your visibility at work, it’s also a great excuse to walk away from the computer for a second.

3. Start up your browser and open your five bookmarked links (one of which is, of course, The Avantguardian). If you never bookmark sites, try to do it every time you read something interesting or inspiring online. Anything that will motivate you on even your worst days (like Mondays).

4. Make plans for the weekend. The reason why we don’t like Mondays is because it’s the end of the weekend. Plan something for next weekend so you’ll have something to look forward to.

5. Plan the rest of your work week. Knowing what you’re up against this week is a huge stress reliever. Even better is to make your Monday to do list before you shut down the computer on Fridays. That way you’re sure you’re not leaving anything out and you start your Monday with a clear list of to do’s!

Alright, off with you lot. There’s only four more days to go after today. Make something of your week, will ya?!