How To Survive Fashion Week

How To Survive Fashion Week

If you’re doing fashion week this month, I’m sure you’ll have a busy schedule ahead (meaning, sleepless nights, sore feet, dehydration). These are some tips that may help you through fashion week!

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See you guys in a couple of days!

1. Water
Dehydration is a serious business! Keeping yourself hydrated is important so always carry a bottle of water with you. Going from one show to another, socializing and networking in between, you’re going to find little time to step out and get a drink. Having a bottle with you at all times will help you through the day and you won’t have to go searching for a drink during the day.

2. Flats
You’ll be running around town to catch the next show and the last thing you want is to suffer from sore feet. Chances are your feet will be feeling numb all month but at least you can alleviate some of the pain by carrying a pair of (lightweight) flats in your bag. Or, do at least one outfit a week where you are sporting flats.

3. Basic Beauty Kit
Your bag is likely to be full already with other essentials you’re carrying. Try to limit your make up bag to a minimum by carrying only items for touch ups. Carry a compact to maintain your matte finish all day, a fierce lip color to pop on your lips (and cheeks) and an eyeshadow that can double as an eyebrow color as well. And you’re good to go!

4. Let’s talk business!
Fashion Week is the opportunity to meet people from the industry and like-minded creatives. Get your business cards ready, do your homework on who is who and who you should speak to and start talking business. 

5. Don’t take it too seriously
It’s all over in a week (month if you’re doing all). Go to the shows you want but don’t stress it. This is another day in the lives of designers where they have to stress. And you? You just go and have fun and rock your killer outfits!