A Hyatt Regency Dusseldorf Weekend

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I don’t know about you guys, but I always associate January with heavy workloads and new deadlines. We’ve only barely just survived the holidays and already we’re thrown into projects that demand more from us than we can give. While most people spend the beginning of the year planning their next vacation, I say it’s better to have a vacation at the beginning of the year. Or a little getaway at least. And here’s why:

1. Setting goals Now is a great time to take some time off to think about how you, your goals and how you want to design your life. Where do you want to be in five years? Two years? And what do you need to do this year to get there? When you do this at year’s end you are more likely to list your goals as future. Because you’re in the new year, you are able to think about your goals with a more hands-on approach.

2. Winter Blues In my previous article I talked about ways to fight the Winter Blues. Planning a holiday at the beginning of the year will give you the chance to cross off a majority of the items on the list. A getaway means doing outdoor activities, enjoying the sun to boost your Vitamin D levels if you’re going to more tropical locations and breaking cycles. You’ll start the year well-rested and energetic!

3. Treat yo self This seems to be a popular item on my lists. But especially in dreadful times, it’s important to treat yourself to the one thing you really need!

We decided to take a little trip of our own the other day, to Dusseldorf no less. We spent the night at the Hyatt Regency Dusseldorf, a luxurious hotel by the Rhine embankment. The hotel is located in a 19-storey building at the tip of a peninsula directly on the Rhine with a stunning view of the Media Harbour, the Rhine Tower and the skyline of Dusseldorf. We enjoyed a much needed spa treatment at Rive Spa in the evening, after which we dozed off almost completely after. In the morning we arranged a test-drive in the hotel’s Range Rover, available for all guests at the hotel. Cars aren’t really my cup of tea, but K was all smiles behind the wheels.

K and I drive all the way to Dusseldorf regularly, and we always start our day the same way. We start shopping at Königsallee (or, the Kö) where we make a stop at Muji, a favorite (we need one in Amsterdam, asap!) and wander endlessly from one home interior store to another. After shopping, we’ll walk up to the Rheinuferpromenade and admire the urban and contemporary architecture designs by Frank O. Gehry (always a sight to see). At this point we’re usually starving. Which makes it the perfect time for a bowl of ramen and Calpico (or Asahi for your loved one) at Takumi II and the best matcha frappuccino in town at Ten Ten CafeWe’ve tried several ramen places in the area but it was Takumi II that turned us into regular Dusseldorf visitors.

Where would you guys go on a new year’s getaway? 

  • This hotel looks amazing!! 🙂


  • Amazing photos, this hotel looks like such a gorgeous play to stay when in Dusseldorf! I love London for a short get-away, actually going back there end of February for a few days, and I agree that little trips like those really do fight the winter blues!

    XO IMKE | Pastellics

    • Thank you Imke!
      London is the perfect place for a getaway, for any vacation really, short or long!
      Thanks for stopping by dear and have a great day!

  • Violette

    Beautiful hotel, hope you had a great time there to cure winter blues! Happy Monday x


    • Thank you Violette, it definitely was a great cure! Wishing you a happy day Violette!

  • Wowser! Such a great staycation! Yes totally with you on the workload department. I shall get back to digesting corporate governance stuff and get myself a cup of coffee x

    Happy beutiful Monday Igrien 🙂

    Real Life Nerd // http://www.vivienekok.com

    • Thanks Viviene! Enjoy the remainder of the week dear – don’t forget to live a little between the deadlines 😀

  • you’re totally right about treating yourself. it makes a world of a difference! i’m actually going up north of thailand this week to enjoy some cooler weather 🙂 have a lovely week igrien!


    • Wow, nice! I wouldn’t mind trading places with you! Enjoy it and looking forward to seeing your Thailand photos!


    Treat yo self…thats my favorite. Great post! Enjoy your week!


    • Haha, that’s everybody’s favorite I guess! Thanks for stopping by dear! <3

  • Blue Adriatic

    Amazing view from the hotel and also I am impressed with the details inside of hotel. Red colour is just perfect for you! Great text. I like the most point one.
    Kiss, Silvy


    wow what a great hotel… its lovely

    Filipa xxx
    PlayingWithApparel.com | Instagram

  • Jasmine

    That hotel is definitely the perfect place for a quick getaway! I don’t know why January is always such a hard month. You would think after the holidays, we’d be rejuvenated but I think it just makes us more tired and we’re still catching up from them all. I will definitely be taking your advice and planning a quick getaway soon 🙂

    be the plebeian

    • I know right? January is my least favorite month which is why I love planning weekend getaways in January!
      Thanks for stopping by Jasmine!

  • This January has been quite a rollercoaster. So much more to do than I anticipated and I’m still trying to get a grip on it. It’s coming together though and I’m all about treating myself later this month for my anniversary!


    • Aww that doesn’t sound good Monika. I hope things get better when you treat yourself later this month! January is nobody’s favorite month I guess!
      Anyway, thanks for stopping by dear!

  • i’ve def took some time to set some goals for myself this year. i’m actually overwhelming myself because my mind is now restless hahaha but i’d love to have a little getaway at such a nice hotel!


    • Thanks Fionna! I guess being restless is better than not doing anything at all, right? I hope things work out for you this year and you will achieve your goals!
      Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

  • Such a great post! Love your goals and the hotel seems like a dream 🙂 -Maireem

    My Fair Autumn | Instagram

  • The Fashion Panda

    That hotel looks so pretty! I’m going this weekend to Dusseldorf 🙂


    • Great! Do stop by Ten Ten Cafe for a Matcha frap – they’re the best!
      Enjoy your weekend in Dusseldorf dear!

  • Such a nice relaxing place.
    I love to visit it someday.


  • Looks like a great place!

    Loved reading this!

    Dora http://www.BangsBang.com

  • This looks like such a nice getaway. From the hotel on the Rhine to the ride in the Range Rover and the spa evening. These photos are stunning! I totally think Treat Yo Self is a great goal for the year 🙂

    xx Yasmin


    • Treating yourself to something nice is never a bad idea, right? 😀 Thanks for stopping by dear! <3

  • I have to admit I don’t have trouble remembering to “treat myself”, I think I need to start restraining myself hahaha! In all seriousness though I definitely want to limit my spending this year and focus on more quality than quantity.


    • Haha, well at least you’re doing good treating yourself! Sometimes people underestimate the power it can have in your life but doing something you want every once in a while is good for your happiness!
      And that’s a great goal Sonia, I hope it works out for you! Trust me, next year, you will be able to write about how you’ve managed to spend less this year! 😉
      Thanks for stopping by Sonia!

  • natalieoffduty

    amazing! lOVE LOVE


    Natalie Off Duty

  • What a great post! It’s always nice to set aside time for a little r&r over a weekend. The photos are beautiful as well.

    • Thanks Keri! I agree, sometimes you need a little r&r!
      Thanks for stopping by Keri – wishing you a great weekend ahead!

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  • Christa Sagmoe

    Lovely post. The perfect way to combat the winter blues and get some much needed relaxation! ~ Christa


  • The Sunday Mode

    I always try to plan holidays to a sunny place when it’s winter at home, that way I can feel less guilty about treating myself since its so important to get lots of vitamin d 🙂


    • I agree – you get a holiday and your vitamins 😀
      Thanks for stopping by dear and have a great week ahead!