Ijsmanschap Amsterdam Popsicle Bar

Instead of a restaurant review, we decided to go with a dessert spot this week. Today, we’re featuring Ijsmanschap. Ijsmanschap is one of Amsterdam’s latest hotspots and it’s an ice cream bar solely dedicated to serving popsicles. You may have seen the popsicles coloring your social feeds already (or the streets for that matter). Food on sticks have been reinvented over and over for years now but never had the revolution crossed paths with ice cream – until today. Owner Martijn said goodbye to his former job as a pension consultant (another corporate jumping ship!) and decided to follow his passion instead. At Ijsmanschap, you’ll find an array of flavors of artisanal ice cream. No additives are used, every popsicle is made out of fresh and local produce. And with an average of 150 Kcal (or 90 for the sorbets), these popsicles are perfect for any foodie trying to stay healthy.

We went in for a little tasting. I got a few questions on Instagram regarding the background. It’s a Boska slate plate I brought to the ice bar to photograph. But you can make one yourself as well – check out my friend Paola’s DIY here.

We’re drifting off – here’s what we had!

Ijsmanschap Amsterdam Popsicle Bar

On the right: chocolate fior-di-latte (gelato based) – a rich chocolate popsicle to satisfy your chocolate craving.

We added a bit of white chocolate for the photo but this one needs no topping. It is perfect on its own.

Ijsmanschap Amsterdam Popsicle Bar

On the right: a champagne and raspberry popsicle.

The white chocolate goes well with the delicate and light flavor of the popsicle.

The popsicles at Ijsmanschap consist of gelato or sorbet based ice creams and can be served with a variety of toppings.

On the left: the strawberry yogurt with chia seed popsicle (gelato based) – light and summery.

We chose a dark chocolate topping with nuts, which created a beautiful contrast.

Ijsmanschap Amsterdam Popsicle Bar

On the left: Vietnamese iced coffee (gelato based), topped with milk and white chocolate.

Ijsmanschap Amsterdam Popsicle Bar

Ijsmanschap Amsterdam Popsicle Bar

Finally, a fruity strawberry popsicle (sorbet based). This popsicle is a burst of flavor, perfect for hot summer days, or, you know, a random Tuesday afternoon.

Which of these flavors would you go for?