In London

In London The Avantguardian Zuidas

In London The Avantguardian Zuidas

Wagner Moura. If 2015 was Benedict Cumberbatch’s year to shine, I predict 2016 will be all about Moura. In two days I have gone through the entire first season of Narcos. I can’t recall the last time I binge watched a show like this. I was supposed to start blogging sooner, but then Narcos happened. And Moura – damn Moura. I may move to Brazil one day just for Wagner Moura. The guy’s portrayal of notorious druglord Pablo Escobar is one of the most captivating performances I’ve seen all year. The last time we saw a character this menacing on TV was with Breaking Bad’s Gustavo Fring. I wouldn’t know who of the two I’d fear the most. Probably Fring. At least with Escobar you’d know he’s playing it dirty. With Fring, all bets are off.

I’m sorry, I’m being all nerdy again comparing two TV villains.

I may move to Brazil one day just for Wagner Moura.

In London The Avantguardian Zuidas

Heartbeat Charles Petillon London Art Covent Garden

These past couple of weeks have been kind of crazy and part of me still hasn’t fully taken it in yet. I have moved to London. Moving out of our beloved Zuidas home was hard. K practically had to drag me out of the apartment the day we were leaving. I’m no thrill seeker by any means, but I like change. And this was a change that was bound to happen, sooner or later. It just happened sooner than we had anticipated. All of a sudden we had to plan a lot in an extremely short amount of time. We had to figure out what to pack, what to throw away, what to store, what to move, what to sell.

Crazy times.

And K and I had both underestimated all of it. We thought, looking at our minimal, Scandinavian-styled interior, that we wouldn’t need much time packing. Very wise obviously. We were busy moving all week. And boxes kept moving out of the apartment, taking away every memory we had in our home. Until at one point it was all empty. And all that was left, was this void. It was almost as if we were never there.

But in the wise words of one young Joey:

I’m in London, baby!

Karl Lagerfeld Zalando In London The Avantguardian
Karl Lagerfeld Zalando In London The Avantguardian

Karl Lagerfeld Zalando In London The Avantguardian

Karl Lagerfeld Zalando In London The Avantguardian

Karl Lagerfeld Zalando In London The Avantguardian

Initially I had planned this look for my upcoming trip to Paris, being a Karl Lagerfeld look and all. But I wasn’t sure if I wanted to bring my heavy-load camera with me for that trip. Alas, this is a Karl Lagerfeld styled look. I’ve been browsing the Zalando site endlessly ever since they started their premium shop. Of all the items, I am most obsessed with the suede slip-ons – how gorgeous are they?

I’ll definitely be rocking these at London Fashion Week.

Shop the post:

Blazer | Gunmetal Blazer Karl Lagerfeld (Zalando)

Blouse | White Blouse Karl Lagerfeld (Zalando)

Trousers | Black Skinny Karl Lagerfeld (Zalando)

Slip-Ons | Black Suede Karl Lagerfeld Slip-ons (Zalando)

Wallet | Karl Lagerfeld Card Wallet (Zalando)

  • Mlle Coconath

    Love the pictures! Great post!


    Mademoiselle Coconath

  • Abdelkhalek Benrahho

    such a great post, love your blog btw

  • Love evrything about your look !
    Amazing photos!

  • Oh I just moved to London this week too! what a coincidence, I hope you are enjoying the city as much as I do, or more 🙂 great photos as always!

    • Cool! Do you want to get coffee some time? I love London so much I don’t think I’ll ever be able to leave anymore!

  • I love London. Lived there for a while when I was a kid. Now I live on the other side of the world. One day I’ll come back!

    • Wow cool! Well, if you’re back one day, do visit me! 😀
      Thanks for stopping by Liam!

  • London looks like an incredible place to move to. I’ve never even travelled there, only passed through at the airports but I feel like it would. Enjoy!


    • Oh you would Sonia, it’s beyond amazing! The food, the people, the shopping, the accents… the only downside is the weather but that’s pretty much about it!
      Thanks for stopping by Sonia!

  • Those white balloons look magical:)

    • Haha they do, don’t they?! I want to have an installation like this in my room 0.0!
      Thanks for stopping by Sarah!

  • Lucky you! I’ve been in London several times and it always feels like coming home. I’m sure you’ll love it there – or already do! This is my first time on your blog so I just wanted to say I love your blog name, and your photo’s and look of course 😉

    Have a nice day!

    • Hi Liesbeth,
      London has always felt like home to me too and it’s surreal that I now get to actually call it home!
      Thanks so much for the love and thank you for stopping by! <3

  • Oh such great photos.

    I love your adventure in London.

    Btw lovin your monochrome look

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

  • suhdusgd

    Love your style,so charming,hot,sunshine

  • Laurence

    Wat een supermooi artikel en leuke foto’s!
    I love London! Het is zo’n geweldig mooie

    • Thanks Laurence! Ik ga mij hier de komende tijd zeker vermaken 😀

  • I love the quilted jacket, it seems so warm and comfy ! Also how pretty are all the balloons in King’s cross, such a good idea. Moving is always very stressful but what an exciting process as well ! By the way, I can’t wait to see your fashion week looks 😉 !

    xx, Charlie

    • Hi Charlie, I’m glad the moving part is somewhat over now and I get to enjoy the city more. I’m going to do some more exploring this week!
      I don’t have my fashion week looks sorted yet but I’m looking forward to it!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  • I looove London, you lucky gal! Aside from being great for all the huge metropolis reasons, the people are also super nice 🙂
    Thanks so much for the series tip, I hadn’t yet heard of Narcos (dang, how did that happen?!) and you had me at Gus Fring. Who is (you nailed it!), hands down, the best villain EVER.
    Really cool outfit, your shoes are too cute! I love me some Karl, he’s brilliant and his quotes crack me up (one website always refers to him as Kunty Karl – pardon my French – and now I can’t stop calling him that 😉 . I love the alliteration, making it a pet name more than anything else. Or maybe I’m just warped, tee hee).
    Wishing you guys lots of success with moving, it’s always far more work than expected!

    • I know right, I’ve had men stand up for me on the tube three times already. In the Netherlands, men don’t even stand up for pregnant or old women anymore, let alone for this gal :p
      You really should start watching Narcos. I’m starting the Knick today – I’m excited to see what the fuss is all about! 😀
      Thanks for stopping by!

      • Ha ha, yes, so recognizable! If I hold the door at a Dutch department store I can stand there all afternoon 😉
        We already watched two episodes of Narcos; it’s highly entertaining, like a history course done really really well (and it has Game of Thrones’ Red Viper yay!). So how did you like The Knick?

        • I haven’t been able to watch it yet 🙁 I will keep you posted on it!
          Yeah Red Viper! 😀 They shouldn’t have kiilled him off so soon! Have you finished it already? How do you like Wagner Moura as Escobar?

          • Cool, I’m curious what you’ll think of it!
            The Red Viper became a favorite in no time, so I was sad he left in no time as well (and in such a gruesome manner). I still have to watch the third episode of Narcos, unfortunately I don’t get to binge watch these days due to time constraints and the fact that I’m also still watching two other series (no more than three “simultaneously” is our self-imposed rule ha ha). I do like Wagner Moura; so far he isn’t yet very menacing, but is more like a cuddly bear (because of his belly pooch and he has a cute face). He might be a bit too good-looking, what do you think?

          • Yeah I did think Wagner Moura was a bit too handsome for the role. Have you seen him in Elite Squad? He’s good in that movie!

          • No, but I still want to! It has the same director, right? Who also did a documentary called “Bus 174”, which is supposed to be great; have you seen it? Ugh, so many things to see and so little time! I did manage to watch episode three yesterday (of Narcos) yay! Does the blond DEA cop remind you of Macaulay Culkin as well? If he hadn’t done so much drugs that is 😉

  • Moves are so hard! I hope you enjoy your new home. I love this outfit, and that is an amazing background.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    • Thank you Amy Ann!
      I have been enjoying it so much so far I have almost forgotten about my hometown Amsterdam! 🙂