In The Kitchen With Jaimie Van Heije

Jaimie van Heije Kitchen Restaurant Ouderkerk Amstel Food Indonesia

Jaimie van Heije Kitchen Restaurant Ouderkerk Amstel Food Indonesia
Jaimie van Heije Kitchen Restaurant Ouderkerk Amstel Food Indonesia

Jaimie van Heije Kitchen Restaurant Ouderkerk Amstel Food Indonesia

Jaimie van Heije Kitchen Restaurant Ouderkerk Amstel Food Indonesia

Jaimie van Heije Kitchen Restaurant Ouderkerk Amstel Food Indonesia

Jaimie van Heije Kitchen Restaurant Ouderkerk Amstel Food Indonesia
Jaimie van Heije Kitchen Restaurant Ouderkerk Amstel Food Indonesia


Jaimie van Heije Kitchen Restaurant Ouderkerk Amstel Food Indonesia

Jaimie van Heije Kitchen Restaurant Ouderkerk Amstel Food Indonesia

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Dutch chef Jaimie van Heije. Jaimie is no new name in the culinary world. He is known as a passionate chef who lives for food. Jaimie has trained under Thorvald de Winter, Ron Blaauw and Sergio Herman among others and it has certainly served him well. But underneath all of that, it’s his family’s culinary culture that has influenced him most. From the way he talks about his grandmother’s recipes to his journeys to Indonesia, he radiates this love for his family’s food. And that’s what you see in his menu. Jaimie van Heije serves a menu with bold flavours, contrasts but delicate at the same time. And all with an Indonesian spin.

We were offered an exclusive look inside the kitchen. With the mise en place in front of him, he took us through his ceviche dish step by step. The dish was created with slices of pollack, radishes, a watermelon ice dome, yuzu, basil, caviar and kailan flowers. And after seeing the young chef in action, we got to recreate the dish ourselves. Let’s just say I better stick to photography and blogging for now. My dish looked nothing like Jaimie’s!

Anyway, here’s why we love Jaimie van Heije (and you should too):

1. Instagram

There are a lot of chefs on Instagram these days but no one stands out like Jaimie does. His dishes are colourful and gorgeously plated. Head over to Jaimie’s Instagram to see a dozen of his creations. Being a sneaker freak, Jaimie also likes to include his sneaker obsession on his Instagram. This creates a wonderful contrasted feed of cool sneakers and fine dining dishes.

2. Art of plating

Needless to say, Jaimie’s plating game is on-point. The way he plays with colours, structures, textures and quirky shapes. Jaimie explains that plating is important and that he is also well aware of the fact people are constantly taking photos of food these days. He takes this into account when he comes up with a dish. The way the dish is served to his customers, that’s the way the dish is supposed to be (so don’t rotate the plates).

3. The food

…is just amazing. It’s anything you’d expect to get in a restaurant and better. There’s boldness in his food, there’s creativity, there’s subtlety and passion. If anything, I’d say Jaimie is renewing the food game in the Netherlands. It’s the first time I have seen Asian-inspired dishes actually work in fine dining. Jaimie talks so passionate about his food as well. Don’t expect the same dishes when you come back, Jaimie is constantly changing up his dishes!

4. The atmosphere

Regardless of its location (Jaimie van Heije is situated in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, a relatively wealthy residential town), the restaurant has a no-nonsense vibe. The restaurant claims you could even walk in in shorts for all they care! All the restaurant cares about is food, good food and people who love it.

5. Passion

Sometimes you eat at a restaurant and you just know there was passion involved. This is one of those restaurants. Jaimie has set the bar high with his dishes but he’s still trying to perfect his craft. Seeing this you fear you won’t have the opportunity to eat the same dish again but then there’s this excitement for anything new he may be concocting. In the end, that’s what you want to see in a chef, isn’t it?

Jaimie van Heije / Kerkstraat 56 /1191 JE Ouderkerk a/d Amstel /

In the photos: Jaimie van Heije Restaurant, Selwyn Senatori artwork

What we had:

  • Gin & Tonic with fruit-flavoured ice cubes (drink)
  • Bao (amuse)
  • Ceviche of pollack with radishes, watermelon, yuzu, basil and kailan flowers (starter)
  • Paella Nero with a lobster bitter ball, seabass, langoustine and crab foam (main)
  • Strawberry dessert with cremeux, vervain, sponge cake and strawberry and lime ice cream (dessert)
  • Macaron and raspberry tartlet (petit four)

Jaimie’s Instagram: Jaimie van Heije

  • Jasmine

    What an awesome opportunity in such a beautiful restaurant! These photos are stunning! You’re right–the plating is so pretty! Looks delish!

    be the plebeian

    • I know right?! Definitely visit this place if you’re ever in the Netherlands!

  • Oh wow, this looks positively stunning. I’m definitely bookmarking this restaurant for my next visit. And I’m also definitely following your blog to keep up with these mouthwatering posts! 🙂

    • Ah thanks Stephanie, appreciate it! I have a couple of great ones coming up these next few weeks. I try to cover at least one restaurant a week! Yeah definitely visit this restaurant the next time you’re in the Netherlands!

  • Michèle

    oh wow that place looks so so stylish

  • Amazing place! Nice post!

  • Veronika Pruskova

    Beautiful pictures! I wanna be there and eat all of the food.:)
    V. NYC lifestyle blog

    • Thanks Veronika! Oh you should have been there. The food not only looks amazing but tastes amazing as well! Definitely visit the place when you’re in the Netherlands!

  • Gorgeous photos, making me hungry even though I just ate 😉
    Following your advice, I also took a peek at his IG account and, aside from the wonderful shots, I was blown away by this chef’s sneaker collection. Wow, if he wouldn’t be a master at cooking he could always start a sneaker boutique!

    • Omg Izzy, I am amazed at how many sneakers the chef has! I don’t think I own this many shoes! I don’t think he is sponsored yet by Nike, but he definitely should be haha!

      • He definitely owns more shoes than I do! And yesss, Nike should sponsor him! Come to think of it, I only saw Nike sneaks, he really does have a brand preference 😉

  • Gosh that plating is the most resplendent thing I’ve seen in ages. His Insta MUST be incredible. I have to look him up asap!


    • I know right, his plating is gorgeous! Definitely check out his Instagram!

  • rae

    What an awesome post I am just so in love with the way Jaimie Van Heije’s restaurant looks inside and I would LOVE to be able to eat here one day. Bookmarking this! Thanks for the post.

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  • Belle melange

    Beautiful place, love the pics!

  • Kiki Rampone

    Wow, these pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I’d love to visit his restaurant someday. Great post!

    xo Kiki

  • Dang. Not only does the food look immaculate & colorful but I truly like the decor & paintings. :]

    // ▲ ▲

    • Haha, I know right? I almost couldn’t dig in because the dishes looked insanely pretty! Thanks for stopping by Carmen!

  • Wow, these photos are gorgeous…looks like such an amazing place!

    • Thanks Valerie! It is. It’s one thing I will have to miss now that I’ve moved to London. I would have loved reviewing the whole menu!

  • Lizlizo

    Amazing photos and the food looks delicious!

    – Liz Lizo

  • Lovin the graffiti designs

    So cool

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

    • Thanks Zarrah! I love the design of the restaurant too. It’s so hip and modern!

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