Jacco Gardner

I have been obsessed with Jacco Gardner lately. At age 25, Jacco Gardner is already hailed by The Guardian as a Dutch wunderkind or a young
Syd Barrett, and rightly soHis songs have an eerie sound that beautifully salutes the late 60s baroque pop.

I ordered his debut album Cabinet of curiosities a while ago and have been listening to his songs on repeat. The melodic harmonies of Where will you go sends you shivers down your spine leaving you with a sense of nostalgia, and the quirky The Ballad of little Jane drives you into a Tim Burton-like wonderland, while The one-eyed king echoes a delicate melancholy that can be heard throughout all tracks on the album.

His best song yet may be House on the moon, a song highly popular among fans. I was surprised to find out that this song was not even featured on his album.

I attended Jacco Gardner’s concert at Paradiso (Amsterdam) a couple of months ago. Even live, Jacco Gardner is marvelous. Though with his modest and slightly out-of-place character, Jacco Gardner almost risked being overshadowed by his supporting band, Belgian rock band Bed Rugs, (who, I must say, did a wonderful job of cheering on the crowd), he didn’t fail to intrigue the audience with his songs.

Overall, Jacco Gardner’s music evokes a sense of innocence, naïveté and mystery. And really what you want to do is crank up the volume, smoke a cigarette, sip a whisky on the rocks and pretend you are on Mad Men.