Detoxing In The New Year

Juice Brothers Cleanse

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


life | 30 January 2017

One of my resolutions this year is to live healthier. I eat out at least twice every week. Which may not seem like a lot but after a while, you do realize you’re taking in more than your body can handle. I did a juice cleanse last year and while it started off well (meaning, I was able to cut off sugars, coffee, meats and alcohol for a while), I kind of slipped into a pattern of eating lots of unhealthy food again after the cleanse (what can I say, I like – no, love – eating). So I decided to do a juice cleanse again.

benefits of doing a juice cleanse:

1. It resets your body again. We eat a lot of unnecessarily bad foods for the human body. From meats to sugars and lots of salts in our food, coffee, tea, and alcohol. And the more we eat it, the more we want. With a cleanse, you’re resetting your body again. Our pH levels, our sugar and meat cravings – you’re getting rid of the things your body doesn’t need anyway.

2. It gives you energy. With all the vitamins and minerals you’re taking in with a cleanse, your body has all the nutrients it needs. And that gives you loads of energy. It’s a misconception thinking your body will feel weak when you do a cleanse – I’d say it’s quite the opposite. I actually feel like it gives me more energy. You have a clearer mind which keeps you focused throughout the day (and makes you much more productive).

3. Beauty benefits. Who doesn’t love radiant and hydrated skin. This is one of the benefits you’ll notice instantly!

Juice Brothers Cleanse

Juice Brothers Cleanse

my experience

I ordered a cleanse at Juice Brothers – one of the first juice bars in Amsterdams. I went with the three-day cleanse because I knew it would take two days to detox prior to the cleanse and two days again after the cleanse (and more would have meant I would have to skip certain food events that week). I did a level 2 (‘Deeper’), which I would recommend if you’re eating healthy already and aren’t afraid of a few green juices.

Two days before the cleanse I started cutting off on all unnecessary foods again. So no sugars, coffee, meats, alcohol, dairy, or tea. The cleanse consists of six juice and one ginger shot. On the first day, I felt energized doing the cleanse. Knowing your body is taking in all these good nutrients and vitamins and minerals, it makes you feel better right away.

On the second day I felt a slight headache. Nothing severe though. After a few hours, it disappeared and I was back on my daily schedule again. I could notice my skin looking radiant and hydrated. Although the juices aren’t that hard to drink (apart from the ginger shot – which is pure ginger juice – took me some time to get used to) I did feel like I was looking forward to the last juice, Vanilla Sky, most (one of my favorite JB juices).

On the third day I had two meetings but it was no problem at all doing the juice. The two days following the cleanse, I was relieved I could start eating again. But to my surprise, I wasn’t that hungry at all.

If you want to adopt a healthier lifestyle and you like juices, go with Deeper. It has a good mix of the green juices and ‘sweet’ juices like Dragon’s Breath, Easy Going and Vanilla Sky. For the next cleanse, I may go with Deepest, which is the cleanse recommended for detox experts. I may not be an expert yet, but I’m up for a challenge!