La Prairie White Caviar

The Avantguardian Igrien



Amsterdam, The Netherlands
| 14 June 2017
Created for La Prairie

La Prairie recently launched the new White Caviar Illuminating Pearl Infusion

This is my first time using La Prairie. I have always been drawn to the luxurious packaging of the brand and I am aware of the good reviews of their skincare lines. So imagine how exciting it was to try it out for myself.

For the launch of the product, several artists were asked to interpret ‘light’. You can see the results here.

I was tasked to create my own interpretation of ‘light’.

First off, the bottle is gorgeous. The tiny caviar pearls inside the sleek bottle make it one of the most interesting beauty product in my stash.

Light to me as a photographer is one of – if not – the most important thing. It shapes my objects, reveals its details and overall and it gives ‘life’ to my work. Without light, a photographer is nowhere. All photographers know that good lighting is key to a good photograph.

I have always been obsessed with reflecting lights. The glittery surface on water when the sun is shining, a broad spectrum of different shapes of light when you’re out at night or fireworks sparkling in the sky. Even tiny things like a holographic nail polish can make me gaze at the reflecting lights on end. Light has a way of bringing a little bit of magic to reality. And that is what I sought out to do with this project. I knew silver tinsels would fit this idea perfectly. I added light and captured the tiny lights in slo-motion.

The Avantguardian Igrien

As for the product: the serum is infused with golden caviar extract, which helps firm up your skin and increase elasticity. The formula of the serum also targets dullness of the skin and is aimed at brightening the skin. I have some pigment spots on my face so I am looking forward to seeing the effects of the product.

I make it a point to test out products over a longer period of time before writing about it. And with the good amount of products in my editorial calendar already, I am only testing the product now. I’m in my first week and very pleased with the results, but it’s still too early to really be able to write a proper article about it. But expect my full review of the serum in our July articles! I hope you this – and stay tuned for the review!