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Lace Affairs Fashion Photography Asian Model

Lace Affairs Fashion Photography Asian Model

Lace Affairs Fashion Photography Asian Model

Lace Affairs Fashion Photography Asian Model

Lace, a piece of fabric that has the ability to both cloth and reveal. I have always held a certain fascination for the threaded textile. There’s just something about lace that makes you feel feminine, sexy.

But styled carelessly, it can make you look aged, or indecent; both ends at which you would not want to be.

I shot this series with Nicole featuring a garment with a lace subtlety that has little chance of going wrong. Unless of course, you were to wear the top backwards.

That would just look plain awkward.

I’m spending this weekend watching the new BBC mini series War & Piece, a costume drama that happens to feature heaps of lace. Not that anyone should watch it for that though, Paul Dano and Lily James are the stars of the show. And this guy James Norton – where the hell did he come from and how have I not seen him before?

Anyway, go dress yourselves in lace now. Just don’t go granny or raunchy (or both (yikes!)).

  • I’m actually not a lace fan (the texture tends to itch!) and like you said: gals often look sleazy or overly demure in it. Apparently, it’s hard to pull off. However, I love your model’s top!! It’s chic and interesting with the right touch of sexy. Beautiful shots as always, Igrien!
    I haven’t watched War & Piece, but I did see the first new X-Files. Ugh, it sucked big time and some scenes were was just painful to watch. And I didn’t have any expectations to begin with. Perhaps I’ll try one more episode, one that’s not solely written by Chris Carter. I miss Vince Gilligan’s work, but I reckon he was too busy with Better Call Saul. Two more weeks for that great show to return!
    Have a nice weekend!!

    • Thanks Izzy!
      Oh man, I watched it the other day after I came home from work. It was dreadful and I’m quite sad about it because I was looking so forward to it (was a big Duchovny fan back when I was young). By the way, Duchovny is apparently also in a band. He’s coming to the Netherlands in May I think?
      I can’t wait for BCS! Vince Gilligan for president please!
      Have a great weekend Izzy! <3

      • I loved watching The X-Files when I was younger, too, especially their monster episodes (I couldn’t care less for the whole alien abduction conspiracy). And I always preferred Mulder over Skully, because he was funny and charming (being cute always helps, too ;-)). Skully was alright, but a little too serious for my taste. After the series ended, I lost track of both until Gillian Anderson showed up in The Fall and Hannibal. And totally kicked ass in The Fall, so now I have a bit of a girl crush on her. I didn’t know what to expect from Duchovny as I never watched Californication and hadn’t seen him in anything else after his Mulder role. It’s too bad the new X-Files is so disappointing, ’cause these two deserve better.
        I didn’t know Duchovny also made music, so I had to look it up and found this (among others): . It’s not too bad I guess, but the song could’ve been shorter. Still, acting *and* singing is a great combo of talents! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • ahhh love love this series!! i am inlove with lace. a little bit of that is always a good idea!
    kisses from the sandpits of dubai ❤️

  • I love lace details.
    I think it makes woman more feminine looking.
    Great editorial too.


    Beautiful, simple, and chic!


  • Lau

    I love lace but I totally agree with you, you have to wear it right otherwise it can quickly go very wrong.
    Love your photos and also the top your wearing, perfect!


    • Thanks Lau and thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend ahead! <3

  • Mademoiselle Coconath

    Great outfit! So neat!


    Mademoiselle Coconath

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