Ladurée macarons

The downside of having a boyfriend working and living abroad, is having to cook and eat your dinner all by yourself every evening. The upside is, you can always trust your boyfriend to bring you home a box of treats to make up for it. The kind you finish all by yourself, easily.

I was presented with a blue-boxed, pink-ribboned “Bonaparte” box of Ladurée macarons. Of all the macarons I have sampled, I find that Ladurée macarons are still the perfect combination of a crunchy meringue double-decker filled with a creamy, buttery ganache. K hand-picked some of my favorite flavors, else well as some seasonal flavors.




Rose Petal (collection)

Pastel pink macaron shells filled with a light rose petal cream. I have had floral flavored macarons before that somehow always ended up tasting soapy. This one has a delicate flavor of the scent of rose and is sweet and airy. The sight of this macaron only in my box put a smile on my face.

Pistachio (collection)


Pistachio macaron shells filled with a light roasted pistachio cream. I love my pistachio flavors. Whatever I’m eating, if I see a pistachio flavor on the menu, I’m always curious to try. Does it have a toasted, almost burnt flavor? Is it nutty enough? Ladurée’s pistachio macaron has small chips of pistachio nuts in the ganache, which is a pleasant surprise. The ganache is heavier than the rose petal ganache, yet still fluffy, something that does not seem to exist in the world of Pierre Hermé.

Chocolate – Pure Origin Venuezuela (seasonal)


Chocolate macaron shells filled with a Pure Origin chocolate from Chuo ganache (75% of cocoa). This is a seasonal flavor I hadn’t tried before. As a chocolate lover, I always say the darker the better! This macaron has a richer chocolate ganache than the ‘regular’ chocolate macaron, something I had been missing for years with Ladurée macarons. And here it is. It would be good to have this added to the regular collection.

Iced Mint (seasonal)


Pastel blue macaron shells filled with a smooth mint cream. Another seasonal flavor. I was surprised at how mildly minty the ganache was, in a good way. The last thing you want is a macaron that sends you on a trip to northern spheres. I will probably not pick this one again, but this was actually a pleasant surprise.

Incroyable Chocolate Coconut (The Incroyables)

Dark chocolate macaron shells filled with a smooth coconut marshmallow. The coconut filling was cushiony and fluffy. The marshmallow structure made the coconut lose a lot of its flavor, which was a shame, seeing as chocolate goes great with coconut.

Caramel with Salted Butter (collection)


Caramel macaron shells filled with caramel with salted butter. Now we’re talking. There is just something magical about salt and caramel. The filling is sticky, similar to dulce de leche, but never too sticky to have it stick to your teeth. The shells are a perfect caramel crunch. I would have loved a more burnt caramel flavor, but all in all, this is a macaron I keep going back to. Absolutely a favorite!

Chocolate (collection)


Chocolate macaron shells filled with a Guanaja ganache (70% of cocoa). Although my description of the Pure Origin Venezuela macaron would have given another impression, this is the macaron that I first fell in love with. It’s definitely a heavier macaron, one that feels almost like a brownie. But its sweet chocolate with only a pinch of salt makes this one of my longtime favorites.

From Ladurée, Sprungli Luxemburgerli, Pierre Hermé and other macarons, Ladurée never disappoints. While other macaron houses often include more inventive flavors in their collection, Ladurée may come off as a ‘safe’ bet. But in terms of balance of flavors, Ladurée is a clear winner. Even flavors like Licorice (which was not included in this review unfortunately) and Rose Petal are well-balanced and never too heavy. Ladurée has had years to perfect their flavors and it definitely shows.

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