Last Night in New York

In a black tulle gown and silver strappy sandals that in no way could have been made for walking, I sat on the pavement with K, eating ice cream from the ice cream stand in front of the Lincoln. It was our last night in New York that night. I didn’t want our adventure to be over and kept wishing the night would go on forever. I talked to K about life and wondered where we would be in two, five or ten years. I had just closed a door to one part of my life and was still undecided about the next. There is something about the city that challenges you to think about the road ahead and what you truly want in life. It’s a city of hopes and dreams, yes, but also of brutal realizations. Ones that would haunt me for nearly a year. K and I wandered the streets of the city without uttering a word the rest of the night. The night (and the city) needed no sound for it was filled with it.

These photos are the end of my ‘New York’ series. If you are planning your trip to the city, I hope my posts may serve as somewhat of an inspiration to you. I know I had a blast 😉 Keep an eye on the blog for my next travel series!

Things to do on your last night in New York


 1. Dress up / New York City Ballet



2. Treat Yo Self! 




3. Capture the moment (and enjoy)