The Leather Satchel Co

The Leather Satchel Company

As I’m writing this, I am waiting for the arrival of my second order from The Leather Satchel Company. Daniel wrote to me two weeks ago, saying the satchels would be delayed as they weren’t in stock anymore. When you’re ordering from this company, you don’t care when you get your order – as long as you get them, that’s all. These babies are one of a kind. I stumbled on their web shop by accident one day when I was searching for leather bags for work. I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for. All I knew was, I didn’t want a baggy leather bag. 

Then I found The Leather Satchel Company bags, or satchels, as they’re called. Gorgeous leathers, sturdy, classic, stylish, vintage. I tried looking for customer reviews. I found loads of blogs of women who were raving about their custom-made orders. How had I not heard of them before? I put in an order (it was still done by email back then) and three weeks later, a package arrived on my doorstep. Wrapped in brown paper and tied up with string and a little card with my name on it. The wrapping alone was pure joy to see. 

The Leather Satchel Company

The Leather Satchel Company
The Leather Satchel Company

So first off, I don’t buy a lot of bags. And when I do, I try not to spend too much on them. I don’t mind when they cost a little more, as long as the quality is good. So the first thing I look for in a bag, is sturdiness. I don’t know if you can tell from the pictures, but these babies are what you can wear for years and years. Maybe the leather will soften as you go (and as leathers do) but the quality won’t let you down. I’ve had my Leather Satchel Co satchel for years now and there’s no single scratch on it. Granted, I am careful with my belongings. But the lack of faults on this bag is wholly due to the excellent quality of the leather. 

The Leather Satchel Company
The Leather Satchel Company

The Leather Satchel Company

The second thing I look for in a bag is whether it is wearable. Does the bag get in the way? No, the bag has a sturdy texture but this doesn’t bother me at all. In fact, I quite like this as it feels as if my belongings are protected to a greater extend than with my other bags. Is the bag big? It depends on what size you get. There are different sizes – check out the website. Are the straps large and can you adjust the length? Yes and no. I am quite petite so the strap were way too long for me. There’s a row of holes punched in the strap but going up the row didn’t help for me – it was still too long. I had to punch an extra set of holes just to make it work for my body frame. However, I have recently learned that you can have the straps adjusted beforehand. When you order your satchel, just contact the team from The Leather Satchel Co and they’ll have the strap shortened/extended for you. Have I mentioned, I love the team? 

The Leather Satchel Company

The Leather Satchel Company

The third thing I look for in a bag, is how much you can fit in it. I wanted to use the bag for work, so naturally my work stuff would have to fit in it. The bag fits my file holders, a couple of magazines and an iPad. My wallet and daily essentials fit perfectly in the front pocket. My satchel is the 15″ inch satchel if I remember correctly. It should be big enough to fit a Macbook Air. If the 15″ inch model is too small for you, you can put in custom-made orders for a wider gusset and bespoke sizes. The times I have been in contact with the team, I feel like they will make anything possible for you. I wouldn’t be surprised if they would agree to do a custom-made leather chair one day. 

The Leather Satchel Company

The Leather Satchel Company

Other things we should know about? How much does it cost? They’re not cheap but considering all of the above, they’re not expensive either. My satchel will set you back £ 138 now (I think I paid E 120 a couple of years ago). What colours do they come in? A wide variety of colours! I was barely able to choose. I have the colour Autumn Tan, which is a spickled leather colours. Are there other bags besides satchels? Certainly. I know they’re working on new lines of bags. I love their music cases and their totes, they’re all fabulous really. Once you know the quality of the Leather Satchel Co, you’ll know the other bags won’t disappoint. Which is why I couldn’t resist putting in a new order. Another thing I love: the service. Expect an answer on facebook or by email within a few hours. A last thing: the detailed craftsmanship of this bag is like no other! 

You don’t believe the amount of compliments I receive every day still on this bag. So get one of your own! And when you do, have your name embossed on your bag or satchel. It does cost you a little extra, but you’ll have a bag that is all yours and nothing looks more fabulous than having your name on your bag!

Ps: this post was in no way sponsored by the Leather Satchel Co. I wrote this review on personal account.

  • Love it!! Nice color!

    • Thanks Nissi! I adore this colour so much! Thanks for stopping by!

  • so amazing!! love <33


  • Very cool 😉
    Mr Essentialist

  • This bag is so neat. I’ve seen a ton like them walking around in London, but none with these colors. Plus, I feel like it’d look even cooler once it got a little beat up.

    • Thank you Caroline. Every time I’m in London I see satchels, everywhere I go! I agree they look even better all worn down and beat up.

  • wendy

    Super leuke tas! Wij moeten nog steeds onze shootdate plannen 🙂


    • Thanks Wendy! Jaaaa omgggg… ik ben heel slecht met plannen en probeer ook met de hectiek op werk alle ballen in de lucht te houden. Ik stuur je binnenkort een mailtje! 😀

  • I think I fell in love. Need to save up for this baby! But this could last me years, if I’d take care of it right… great review, thanks for discovering it for me 🙂

    • Thanks Lesia! Do save up for one, it is definitely worth the money. Also check out their seasonal sales. It’s always great to snatch a bag from their sales! Good luck!

  • Kind Distinction

    Such a cute satchel! love the color

    Sofia & Maria

  • A talking bean

    I’ve been obsessed with finding the perfect satchel after stumbling over the LInjer kickstarter. Now I’m even more obsessed after seeing yours. Gosh, A+ for the colour combo and detailing.

    • I’ve had this satchel for a while now but it’s still one of my favourite bags. The quality is like no other and they take in customizations! Also check out their other bags!