London Calling

London Calling Chinatown

London Calling Chinatown

London Calling Chinatown
London Calling Chinatown
London Calling Phone Booth Red

There’s just something about London that makes you never want to leave the city ever again. One month in and I have forgotten all about my pre-London life (Amsterdam, is it?). Before coming here I was afraid of that slim chance I wasn’t going to like living here. I imagined myself sitting by the window every night, all by my lonesome self, talking to a Wilson I had fashioned out of a piece of paper and markers, just in case I wouldn’t meet anybody here. But so far it has been a great first month. I’ve met so many inspiring people and my thirst to explore London grows by the day. I’m sure I’ll have a nervous breakdown at some point, where I’ll become homesick and cry out “Amsterdam, Amsterdam!” in my sleep.

I’m sure. Kind of.  

London Calling Phone Booth Red
London Calling Red Bag Leather Satchel Pixie

London Calling

This look is an ode to British fashion. I wanted to do a trench coat look but the weather was pretty nice this weekend so I decided to go with a dress. This gorgeous black dress with poofy skirt is by AV by Adriana Voloshchuk. I wanted to offset the chic and formal appeal of the dress against some chunky ankle boots. These are by Sorel, a Canadian brand. The boots may be high but they’re pretty comfortable to walk in (and I have small feet). They’re supposed to be waterproof as well – can’t wait to test that soon! And then there’s my trusty Leather Satchel pixie bag. I carry this pretty with me everywhere these days. 

London Japan Center Takoyaki
London Japan Center Takoyaki
London Fashion Blogger

London Japan Center Takoyaki
London Japan Center Takoyaki
London Fashion Blogger Paula Balzano Sorel

Preppyfashionist Virgit
Calistoga Ranch Napa Valley
Ginjo Bar Amsterdam

We have another week full of exciting posts for you guys. This week we’re doing another feature of Virgit from Preppyfashionist. This was actually the first look we shot and we had loads of fun shooting this! We’re doing another beauty post this week. This week we’re featuring some items that will be perfect transitioning into fall season. We’re also featuring a travel post from our US road trip back in June. This was by far the best resort I’ve ever had the pleasure of staying at and I can’t wait to share it with you guys! Last but not least, we’re featuring Ginjo bar for our food section this week!

Stay tuned!

One last thing: I have a favor to ask of you. The Zalando Blogger Awards 2015 are held again in November this year and I would love to be up for the People’s Choice Award. I started this blog because I wanted to bring readers great visuals and funny writing and I hope I’ve been doing that for you! I know it’ll be a hard competition and I am calling on you on this late hour (voting started months ago and closes in two weeks). But I figured to just go for it – it’s never too late, is it? What’s in it for you, you say? Well, probably not much (ha!). But I’m prepared to throw in a coffee date with yours truly. I can’t promise I won’t be all awkward though, but I’ll definitely try!

Zalando Fashion Blogger Awards 2015

Lookbook: AV by Adriana Voloshchuk Dress / Sorel Boots / Leather Satchel Co Pixie Bag

  • I love all of your photos! I’ve always wanted to visit London. It’s really great to hear that you’ve met a lot of inspiring people:-). It can always be nerve racking at first!

    • Thank you Ela! Oh you definitely should. I remember my first visit to London. I was exhausted from all the walking but I couldn’t wait to explore more!
      Thanks for stopping by Ela!

  • These photos are gorgeous! That style of dress looks fantastic on you!

    Kyah –

  • Beautiful photos, yes London is so great. It hurts a little every time I leave x

    Anna | aforvogue

    • Thanks so much Anna! I know right, there’s just so much to do and explore here! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Mash

    Lovely pictures! You look stunning!


  • I was in London again, just right 3 days ago. Can never get tired of the beautiful city! But I do wanna travel somewhere outside of London one day, I heard Norwich and brighton are both amazing!


    Real Life Nerd //

    • Oh I would love to travel around the UK soon! It’s definitely on my travel list!
      Thanks for stopping by Viviene! <3

  • Such gorgeous photos and you look amazing love 🙂 It’s been a few years since I’ve been and think London’s a-calling again. xx


    • Thank you Erica 🙂 I think you’ll love it! If you do come, let me know! I’d love to meet you!

  • Beautiful photos, my fave is the second shot (the street shot with the lanterns): the highlights surrounded by the darker areas and the bright red lanterns in between make it a dramatically gorgeous photo ♥.
    I love your black dress with the different textures!

    P.S. I hope you’ll win the Zalando Blogger Awards, you certainly deserve it! (of course I voted :-))

    • Ah thanks Izzy! I like that shot too. It has a dark and mysterious mood. It looks like a scene from a Scorsese movie! :p

  • Joy Shiness
  • you look so chic and lovely! what a fun adventure!

  • Tracy

    What a wonderful adventure! London is a gorgeous city to live in!

    Fashion Soup

    • I know, I can’t ever leave this place! Thanks for stopping by Tracy!

  • Laiza Rentería

    Cool, I love the pictures and your look!!
    xx L.

  • Stephanie Louise

    Such stunning photos! Amazing you are now living in London and glad to hear your experience has been a positive one. Cheers to a great time and calling London your new home 🙂

    • Thanks Stephanie 🙂 It’s been one month only here but so far so good! Thanks for stopping by Stephanie!

  • Valentina Ioana Penescu

    you look stunning! love the bag!

    • Thank you Valentina! The bag is my current fave! Thanks for stopping by Valentina!

  • I’m glad you’re enjoying London and you didn’t end up alone with Wilson haha. I’ve never been but I definitely want to go one day. Your outfit is great too!


    • Haha yeah I think my friends would be worried if they found me with a Wilson here!
      Definitely visit London one day and we’ll have coffee! 😉 Thanks for stopping by Monika!

  • These photos capture London so beautifully! I am dying to visit the city one day. You look stunning in this outfit as well. Love the pop of burgundy!



    Looks by Lau

    • Thank you Christina! Definitely do visit – there’s so much to do here! Thanks for stopping by Christina!

  • I love the photos (as always!) The boots are awesome!

    I love England since I was little but I have not had the chance to visit yet!

    Dora Bangs Bang | Bloglovin

    • Ah thanks Dora! Definitely do visit one day. There’s so much to do here (and there are so many good restaurants I still need to visit)! Thanks for stopping by Dora!

  • These photos are gorgeous! I love your outfit!

  • cool photos! <3

  • I love everything about your outfit, so chic! My favorite is that bag, it’s perfection, I just need it!

    xo, Esther

    • Thanks Esther! I love the bag, it has been my go-to bag for months now! Thanks for stopping by Esther!

  • Hi Igrien! I’ve voted for you! <3 You can be really proud of you for taking such a great step and moving to another country. Lot's of respect, dear! Love your refreshing attitude!! Hugs!

    xoxo Ira

    • Thanks so much Ira, I appreciate it! I only realized how big the move was after I did it haha, I think I definitely underestimated it. It’s not easy. You’re missing your whole family and circle of friends. And I’m missing K the most! But change is always good 😉 Have a good day Ira! <3

      • Of course, dear! You’re such a sweetheart! <3 I would underestimate this step like you because I tend to risk and then wondering… haha! London is such an amazing city, full of new chances, possibilities and great open minded people. I'm sure you'll make your way, no matter in which city you are, Igrien! Have a wonderful day too! 😉

        xoxo Ira

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  • There is something special in these pics, thanks for sharing this London atmosphere and your look is great, especially love the bag!