Lost in Transformation

The Avantguardian Igrien



January 2018

If 2016 was the year I committed myself to a whole new career, 2017 was the year I fully embraced it. I saw a slow but definite transition from being a blogger (I still dislike the word) to a photographer. With amazing opportunities for amazing clients. I’m starting to realize that all careers start with small steps. Building blocks if you will. And with every step, you’re paving a road that will eventually lead to something bigger.

I’m learning new things every step of the way. My camera and I are inseparable and there’s this thirst to create and explore. On days I don’t find myself in the studio, I long to be in that small dark space. With my lights, backgrounds and a subject to tell what to do (I was born to command – bless my future husband).

This year I needed a slow start. To figure out how to direct life in 2018. To figure out the creative direction for The Avantguardian and studio work. To balance work and life – and wedding planning too. Which is not to be underestimated apparently, not even if you want things simple, because simple doesn’t exist in Weddingland.

So forgive me for my absence here lately. As February approaches, I’m firing up the engines again. With a vision to a more curated content plan, a more editorial and personal approach to things and with video.

Yes, you heard it here first. We’ll be coming at you at 30 frames per second. Soon.

All in good time.

First, let’s kick off this 2018 thing shall we?