Louis Vuitton Series 4

Louis Vuitton recently launched their new Spring-Summer 2016 women’s advertising campaign, “Louis Vuitton Series 4“, and it featured no one other than Jaden Smith. In the SS16 video, The Heroine, shot by Bruce WeberJaden is seen wearing a leather motorcycle jacket, a white crochet top and a metal-embroidered skirt from the SS16 women’s collection.

Nicolas Ghesquière on casting Jaden Smith: “He represents a generation that has assimilated the codes of true freedom, one that is free of manifestos and questions about gender. Wearing a skirt comes as naturally to him as it would to a woman who, long ago, granted herself permission to wear a man’s trench or a tuxedo. Jaden Smith conveys something very interesting about the integration of a global wardrobe. He’s found an instinctive balance that makes his extraordinary attitude a new norm. That really inspired me in the creative process for this collection.”

The new campaign isn’t only breaking gender boundaries. The SS16 campaign also stars anime heroine Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII, pushing the boundaries of reality and dreams.

Nicolas Ghesquière on the collaboration with Japanese video game artist Tetsuya Nomura: “It’s clear that the virtual aesthetic of video games is predominant in this collection. If we push the reflection about heroines, or what might constitute the nature of a woman whose actions can be so courageous that she becomes superior and iconic, it becomes obvious that a virtual entity integrates with the founding principles of the Maison. Lightning is the perfect avatar for a global, heroic woman and for a world where social networks and communications are now seamlessly woven into our life. She is also the symbol of new pictorial processes. How can you create an image that goes beyond the classic principles of photography and design? Lightning heralds a new era of expression.

Discover the Louis Vuitton Series 4 campaign here.