Mama Makan

Mama Makan Amsterdam

Mama Makan Amsterdam


Amsterdam, The Netherlands
| 15 May 2017

Mama Makan Amsterdam

The Hyatt Regency recently opened their doors in Amsterdam Oost, as well as the hotel restaurant Mama Makan – an Indonesian grand cafe style restaurant.

My mother’s side of the family is from Indonesia and Malaysia so we’re familiar with Indonesian cuisine. I hardly ever go out for Indonesian food. My mother is the best cook and she makes killer Indonesian dishes!

That said, I was curious to see the new place and the dishes featured on the menu.

‘Makan’ means eating or food, so the name loosely translates to Mother of Food.

The menu features a list of the restaurant’s signature Indonesian dishes. From a classic gado-gado salad to the gorengs and seafood dishes like ikan masak lemak to go with the gorengs, the restaurant offers a decent variety of Indonesian cuisine.

The menu also offers dishes like buffalo burrata (love!) with basil vinaigrette and crab bisque with braised cod. Not particularly Indonesian but great for foodies who want to mix things up.

There are restaurants that offer a wider variety of Indonesian food, sure, but Mama Makan is a place where you want to go to wind down, relax and enjoy some light Indonesian classics.

Tip: pair your dishes with cocktails from the Mama Makan Bar!

Visit Mama Makan at Sarphatistraat 104 in Amsterdam Oost.

Mama Makan Amsterdam