Bordeau Amsterdam Michelin Prix Fixe Lunch


Amsterdam, The Netherlands
| 6 March 2017

My blog has never been about collecting all the restaurants in Amsterdam or finding you the hotspots in the city. There’s tons of bloggers doing that already and they’re doing a great job at it. Instead I’ve always been led by food that speaks to me and I always hope to capture my food journey in stunning visuals to inspire readers.

This led me to Bord’eau recently. The two Michelin star restaurant by Richard van Oostenbrugge. We got to experience the Bord’eau lunch, complete with chef and all (although this may not be included in the regular lunch menu). Executive Chef Richard accompanied us through the lunch and we got to pick his brains about his favorite foods, the food scene in Amsterdam and Netflix shows. It was such an honor and I hope we didn’t scare him off with our embarrassing instagramming antics (alright, it was just me).

The focus of the event was the Bord’eau lunch. We don’t really have a lunch culture here in the Netherlands. For lunch, we like to grab a quick sandwich or a salad. But an extensive lunch like practically everywhere else in the world, it’s not really a thing here. Which is a shame, because there’s loads of restaurants offering the best lunch menus you can find on this continent.

One of them being the Bord’eau lunch. As a food blogger you get to visit loads of restaurants and you’re wowed on quite a frequent basis. But at Bord’eau, it’s a whole other level of appreciation. It’s almost absurdly good.

Bordeau Michelin Amsterdam Richard van Oostenbrugge

Bordeau Amsterdam Michelin Prix Fixe Lunch

We start the lunch with a line up of different amuse bouche plates. From a cup of sea urchin cream (such richness) to Zeeland mussels with a lemon grass jus and a dille calamansi cream (light and fresh) and Dutch shrimp with XO and a remoulade of celeriac and horseradish (the sea on a plate). As if that’s not enough – we continue with razor clams with soffritto, jelly of Pernod and a tangerine foam (the foam was everything). The prix fixe lunch menu at Bord’eau consists of three courses. We’re served the langoustine braised in duck fat with katsuobushi Albufeira and mocha. To best describe the sensation of this dish – a room full of chatty food critics fell silent. It was creamy and buttery perfection.

What surprised me is that the dishes from the prix fixe lunch are dishes from the actual menu. Which, at EUR 48, makes the lunch menu a steal.

For our second course we’re served the Holsteiner ox fillet, thinly sliced, in a broth of hay consommé with lemon thyme and mushrooms. On the side a BBQ oxtail with marrow, creamy polenta and a confiture of onion. I could have this dish every day, all winter.

As a third course, we’re served the boiled potatoes with a roasted chicken broth and black truffle. Not your average boiled potatoes! Before continuing to desserts, we’re introduced to Melvin Verwaal, currently one of the best fromagers in the country. We sample a selection of some of his favorite cheeses from all over the country.

To end the lunch, we’re served the millefeuille of birch leaf anglaise infused with toasted birchwood and a birch juice consommé with vinegar. Of course we had to try the chef’s signature apple dessert as well. A blown sugar exterior with an apple sorbet core on a bed of marinated apple balls in a caramel puff pastry base. Both dishes are classics that are memorable due to their simplicity and the art of plating.

I don’t know if I’ll ever see the day when lunch is fully integrated in the Dutch food culture. I wouldn’t even know how to begin to describe Dutch food, since it’s more and more influenced by international cuisines. But here’s a menu that will certainly spoil hardcore foodies – and you can do it without breaking the bank.

Bordeau Amsterdam Michelin Prix Fixe Lunch

Bordeau Amsterdam Melvin Cheese

Bordeau Amsterdam Michelin Prix Fixe Lunch

Bordeau Amsterdam Michelin Prix Fixe Lunch

Find Bord’eau at Hotel De L’Europe in Amsterdam. Also part of Hotel De L’Europe is Hoofdstad Brasserie – every month we’re featuring the restaurant’s chef collaboration program Alex Invites.