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Created for Bloomfeld Luxury Bridal

July 2018

I am excited to kick off our wedding series here with an editorial about designer bridal couture. In this editorial we’re exploring modern wedding gowns (for modern brides) featuring the stunning gowns from Bloomfeld Luxury Bridal.

I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like this year more than ever, women all around me are getting married. Perhaps it’s wedding fever, perhaps it’s age. All I know is, no matter how independent we are as women, running our own businesses, claiming our spot at the top – we too want to be swooned by our men with that diamond ring. And a promise of eternal love (or as eternal as can be) and blissful marriage.

Of course, after the proposal, begins a long, stressful journey of scouring Pinterest boards and collecting bridal magazines – all in search of inspiration for the perfect wedding. Prepare to spend days months looking for your perfect look (hey, it’s almost a full time job!). It’s not easy – with modern age, we tend to be more critical of what we wear and what we shop. And with luxury fashion at a rise and the gap between fast and designer fashion closing in, that designer gown now seems a bit more within reach than five years ago.

We’ve narrowed down all bridal styles into four categories that will make it easier for you to begin your search for the perfect bridal gown. Let’s go!

The Avantguardian Igrien PhotographyIn the photo: Valentini Couture

1. The floral style

The floral bridal gown is for the modern bride with a soft and romantic style. She is a girlboss in her own right but she isn’t afraid of showing her femininity with a little bit of floral flair. The bridal trend of 2018 shows lots of decorative flowers. Whether it’s 3D floral decorations, subtle petals on a dress or a big statement flower on the side – being a floral princess has never been more fun.

There’s not a bridal collection that does not feature at least one floral style at the moment. Styles range from lush gowns with floral decorations at Berta to show-stopping dresses with flower ornaments from Elie Saab and Zuhair Murad.

What makes a floral bridal gown an easy choice is the feminine, carefree yet stylish look. It’s the fairytale romance you want to go for here.

2. The classic style

A classic bridal gown is for women who know what they want. They don’t fuss over trends or whatever is on the runway. All they look for is class and a dress that goes with it.

A classic bride knows she wants to go with brands like Elie Saab, Oscar de la Renta and Vera Wang. Bridal couture brands cater to the classic bride and evidence of that are the many classically designed wedding dresses in bridal collections. From elegant necklines to slim or wide skirts. You’ll recognise the classic bride by the almost regal look of the gown.

Don’t make the mistake in thinking the classic style is an easy choice – it has to fit your style. And the trick with the classic bridal gown is to style it with loose hair and plain accessories to create an interesting contrast and modern bridal look.

The Avantguardian Igrien PhotographyIn the photo: Valentini Couture

The Avantguardian Igrien PhotographyIn the photo: Valentini Couture

3. The simple style

By no means are bridal gowns simple – let’s make that clear first. But compared to the trendy and floral style or the classic style, the simple style is uncomplicated.

The simple style is for free spirits who want to get married in anything but the traditional definition of a wedding dress. No wide princess dresses or poofy underskirts. The simple bride is more likely to look for dresses that are loose, flowy, light and wavy. Dresses that allow movement and freedom to dance the night away – because this bride is not planning on sitting still.

Look for modern wedding dresses at Romona Keveza, Reem Acra or Caroline Herrera even for that simple yet contemporary feel. This style is stylishly understated but impeccably sleek.

4. The creative style

The creative style is for modern brides with a creative soul. For free spirits who aren’t afraid of thinking outside the box and finding unique gowns that fit their creative mind and personality. Look for designers who breathe creativity and innovation.

Viktor & Rolf carries unique wedding gowns that are stylish with signature Viktor & Rolf twists. But you can find creative styles with other brands as well. J’Aton Couture features a stunning interwoven dress with a powerful silhouette. Dresses like this are perfect for Bey or any power woman ready to take on the world. 

The Avantguardian Igrien PhotographyIn the photo: J’Aton Couture

Who am I?

Of course the question now is – what kind of bride will I be? And what style did I go for? Needless to say, I said yes to the dress at Bloomfeld. Not only does the luxury bridal shop carry the largest range of designer gowns in the Netherlands, the staff is an expert at reading your style. I will reveal the dress that I chose after the wedding – which won’t be until September! But keep an eye out here to see what I went with because I am excited to show you!

Dresses: Bloomfeld Luxury Bridal
Models: Amber and Liselot at IBTM
Make up artist: Caroline Visser 

Photographer: Igrien