The Modern Futurist

Modern Futurist Igrien Photography


Beauty | Photography | Issue I | Editor’s Note | December 2019

First things first…

After months of planning the new format (with many coffees had and a gazillion late-night calling whenever a new idea came up), we are proud to present the soft launch of the new format for the avantguardian. It has been a long time coming. I would have planned this earlier but with all the side-projects I’ve been doing this year there was no way we could have done this sooner. So we first set our launch for February 2020. But then we figured a soft launch before the holidays would probably give us the time and space to work on the technical side of things to really get things up and running. So you may see some new things coming up here and there the next few weeks!

And to you usual suspects (that’s you) — it means the world to us that you’ve frequented the blog as many times as you have over these last few months. Even when there was practically no new content to be found here. We hope this new format is something you’ll keep coming back for as often as you did (but hopefully more!). But we thank you for sticking with us here!

The format

So the format is more of a directional change. Every month we will put a trend or theme in focus. The focus is based on things we see, read, watch, consume and what we see as a trending theme around us. A narrowing down of the zeitgeist if you will. We’ll curate the topics from a variety of angles (beauty, fashion, art, film etc.), creating a topical monthly digest with topical news and in-depth editorials. With already loads of other sites out there, we want to move away from fast and quick content to in-depth and lasting content.

Modern Futurist Igrien Photography

To kick off… we present The Modern Futurist

So this month’s focus is on the modern futurist. We had a lot of discussion about what our first topic should be. But looking around us, there was an immediate consensus on the modern future being the theme. The future has been heralded many times as a theme already throughout the years so we knew there was nothing new in that corner. Futuristic is obviously an artistic and social theme that is quite extreme. It’s a theme often associated with neon lights, flashiness and really anything in an imagined time and space in the far off future. We didn’t want to go that far either. Instead, we wanted to write about the future in the here and now. We’ve arrived in a time where technology has brought us so far and is an integral part of our lives. Technology and humankind have become inseparable (when was the last time you didn’t check your phone for at least three hours). Moreover, technology has made things that would have seemed impossible in the past, very much possible now.

So that is our theme. We’re putting in focus the modern futurist — a refinement on the future. The future is here and the future is now. But all kept in a comfortable and distance. With technology becoming an integral part of our daily lives, we have the world at our fingertips. But it’s all within a space of comfort and convenience. To kick-off the first issue, we shot our model Aimee in a glitter extravaganza. Well, controlled, to a certain extent. At the end of the day, a lot of vacuuming had to be done to clear the tiny particles floating around on the studio floor. Our makeup artist Yvonne, who created the stunning glitter arm, creatively collected the glitter dust on a tape. It made for the prettiest washi-tape ever – perfect for the holidays. In the mean time, I was already thinking about our next glitterama shoot. There’s something about all that glitter that makes you seek out the warmth of the holidays. It creates a nostalgia and a longing for being with family and friends. And it’s fun. There’s a side that I look forward to seeing with technology in the future. The bringing of actual warmheartedness and affection. A trigger of emotions — a soulful pulse.

Modern Futurist Igrien Photography

Photography: Igrien Liu
Makeup: Yvonne Nusdorfer
Model: Aimee via Tulip Models