It’s been over one month since my first post. I was supposed to start blogging the day after, but you know, things come up. Oh who am I kidding.
I did absolutely nothing and I loved it. I haven’t had this much fun in, well, a while. If anything, it was a month of catching up with family and friends, reigniting my former passions, reading books and so much more.

I really have no idea and thought I will just figure it out along the way. I’m aware that there are already plenty of blogs out there, blogs on really all kinds of topics imaginable. But I’d like to think there is still space on the blogosphere for a blog of a little movie obsessed, photographing neurotic food snob like me 😉

What will you be blogging about?
Again, I have no idea. I have somewhat of an idea, but I haven’t worked it out yet. I realize this sounds utterly vague. But whatever I blog about, it will be cool, it will be awesome, contemporary, nostalgic, and it will always, always be accompanied by gorgeous pictures (most of which I will try to shoot myself).

Is this wise when you know you will be starting your new job soon?
Probably not, but good things in life sometimes never are.

What’s the last movie you’ve seen?
Park Chan Wook’s Stoker. Hauntingly beautiful.

Alright, last question, what word are you thinking of right now, this instant?
Spandex. Is that good or bad?