My Funny Valentine

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


beauty | 6 February 2017

Who ever says Valentine’s Day is for lovebirds only, they cannot be more wrong. If anything, Valentine’s Day is the day to celebrate love in general. And most of all, love for yourself. Let’s be honest, when was the last time you actually treated yourself to something nice?

You can’t even remember!

This post is for those of you who are looking for a little surprise for themselves on Valentine’s Day. For those who have a Valentine but who need inspiration for the perfect Valentine’s Day look. And – last but not least – for the boyfriends and husbands who are now frantically looking for a perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Whatever your reasons are for being here, here are my top picks for this year’s Valentine’s Day!

When it comes to eyeshadow, a girl can never go wrong with neutrals. But at one point in your life, you’re going to have to want to add a little bit of life to your beauty collection as well. Lancôme’s spring collection features an eyeshadow palette that is feminine and elegant. The La Palette La Rôse features pastel colors that will make you long for spring. To top it off, the palette includes three lip balms as well. Don’t fancy color and you’d rather play it safe instead? You can always go hunting for new neutrals! Smashbox has released new singles that are seductive and classy.

When it comes to lips, you can hardly go wrong. Whether you want to go with a rich matte purple from Tom Ford or a matte dark brown Bobbi Brown tint – as long as you’re rocking the tint that brings out your features best, any color will do with Valentine’s Day. For me, I like to go with pink or red hues. So perhaps I’ll start the day with a glossy light coral from Estée Lauder or a matte beige pink from Chanel and I’ll end the day with a matte bright red from Lancôme.

And for those who love a little ombre on their lips, there’s Le Stylo Parisian from Lancôme. Apply a sheer coat or color with the crayon side and the cushion side for a more intense color in the center. An ombre is great if you want to create a ‘just kissed’ look on your lips.

Last but not least, no make up product can ever make you look more in love than a good blush. Find a blush that gives you a radiance on the cheeks that is natural and sophisticated. For Valentine’s Day you can apply hot pink blushes – it’s the day of the year for it – or go with a toned down coral pink or pink beige. To create a slightly more dewy look on the cheeks, Smashbox has a stick blush in bright colors with a slight golden shimmer. It’ll work perfectly on your lips too!