Nespresso Bespoke Amsterdam

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April 2018

Coffee cocktails have become somewhat of a thing now. Three years ago it wasn’t exactly the hottest cocktail to order. From favourites like Gin & tonics, Negronis and Moscow mules we’ve been loving in recent years – the coffee cocktail remained awkwardly silent in the background. Mostly known and ordered by coffee lovers, who want to soothe their caffeine craving even in the evening. It is odd how the beautiful aroma of coffee hasn’t triggered a cocktail frenzy yet!

Nowadays coffee cocktails are featured more prominently on cocktail menus. It’s still the espresso martini that is the most well known coffee cocktail, but still, loads more are arising.

Nespresso recently launched their Bespoke coffee cocktails at three locations in Amsterdam: Restaurant Envy, Grand Café Krasnapolsky and Sorel’s Bar & Lounge. The concept features a new set of coffee serves paired with coffee cocktails. From a sweet (and cute mind you) Cotton Candy coffee serve to a Salty Caramel coffee cocktail. We enjoy the drinks over eclairs and macarons, making the menu a perfect late afternoon treat.

Could this be a new cocktail craze? Perhaps – we’ll find out soon enough this summer!

The Avantguardian Igrien