Norway Road Trip

I had planned to edit the video of our Norway road trip next weekend but once I had uploaded all of the video files yesterday, I couldn’t help start right away. Some of the scenes you’ll recognise from the photos I have already posted. I will try to edit the rest of my photos this week. But in the mean time, enjoy our video 😉 And thank you for watching. By the way, don’t forget to check it out in HD!

  • What an adventure! The whole time I thought, “Now, that is really living!” I’m about to take a road trip with a girlfriend and this just made me so excited to be “out there” traveling. I’m going to share this with her 🙂

  • dhruvg

    Hey Avant Gaurdian , Lovely video and pics, What time of the year did you guys travel to Norway?

    • Hi there, this was in June, which is the perfect time if you want to have good weather and still see some snow!

      • dhruvg

        Thats great, We are planning on visiting in July, Where did you see ice/snow?What was that beautiful place ?

        • Cool, Norway really is one of the most beautiful places we’ve been to so far. I can recommend it to anyone who loves nature trips! Are you going by car and will you be doing a road trip as well? We drove from Stavanger all the way to Trondheim and were able to see different places with snow. Obviously the higher up you go, the more chance of ice and snow. When we went in June, some roads were even closed off due to snow. I recall a lot of snow in Folgefonna National Park, Hardanger National Park and there’s a glacier I recommend going to at Jostedalsbreen (and do the glacier hike if you can!). If you want to be sure of snow, you can always contact the Norway Tourism Board for advice. Hope this helps! Good luck and enjoy your trip!

          • dhruvg

            Yes we plan on driving from Bergen upwards.Though we are undecided as to how far up..?thanks much for the recommendations , looking forward!

          • Have fun and I hope you enjoy your time there! And definitely bring a camera – the landscapes are stunning!