Norway Sunset

Norway Sunset Molde

Norway sunset – I took this photo last year on our road trip in Norway. We ended up in Molde after a long ride from the Geirangerfjord to the Atlanterhavsvegen. We booked a room in Molde last minute. We unloaded the car and K made a pumpkin soup with tuna. It wasn’t K’s most fancy dish but it was all we needed at that moment. Tired as we were, we hadn’t noticed the sunset all the time. We must’ve stared out the window for minutes before we stepped outside to enjoy the archipelago (for the Molde archipelago, also see this post) on the waterfront. To this day, we reminisce this moment in Molde. It’s one of those moments time suspends and the world is on a standstill. We sat here, gazing up at the sky the rest of the night. At past midnight, this was what it looked still.

  • Helen Chik-Dohrmann

    I was actually really lucky to travel to Norway with an ex of mine and it was during summer and they have the most scenic views there that are just absolutely breathtaking! Seeing this picture makes me yearn to head back over there!

    Great shot hun!

    Helen xx

    P.S Hope you’ll stop by and check out my new post: Tulle Diaries

    • Hi Helen,
      It’s one of those places you have to visit at least once in your lifetime! I enjoyed it so much I fondly look back at our photos and videos we shot during our trip there!
      Thanks for stopping by and I will definitely check out your blog!

  • What a beautiful sight, absolutely breathtaking!