Packing for Norway

I’m packing for Norway already. We checked the weather in Norway this morning. Our arrival in the land of majestic fjords will be met with heavy rainfalls, something we’re not particularly looking forward to. Our first day will take us to Stavanger where we will hike up Preikestolen, a steep and massive cliff (604m / 1982ft) over Norway’s Lysefjord. I can’t believe I’m actually saying this but: I’m going hiking! And heck, I’m going camping as well! My old high school gym teacher would be proud. My mother is still joking about it, as well as my sisters. Our friends suspect I’ll be checking in to some fancy hotel while K is doing the actual camping. I don’t know how it will all pan out, but something tells me this will be an experience of a lifetime.

So what am I packing?

Naturally I’ll be taking my camera and lenses with me. Since I don’t own a zoom lens, this means I’ll be carrying all my primes one by one in my backpack through the rough terrains of Norwegian Scandinavia. I’ll be trying out some new filters and an intervalometer as well.

To film the whole road trip, we bought a GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition. I’m not sure how an action camera would fit someone like me, but hey, it’s a nifty little thing! The specs are awesome and it’s so tiny it fits in my back pocket.

When going backpacking, an actual backpack is kind of essential 😉 I tried out ones at North Face, Fjällräven and LaFuma. Only the latter carried smaller backpacks to fit my body frame so I went with that. The backpack is the necessary padding on the back and shoulders and has straps around the waist and chest area. It is waterproof and comes with one outer and two inner pockets. The backpack should fit a fleece jacket, rain coat, water bottle and other necessary things. There are ringlets in the front to attach other equipment as well. Quite handy!

Sports gear
I never understood some people’s obsession over the latest sports gear. That is, until I wanted to find some of my own. Here I was all of a sudden, scouring online shops at Nike and Asics in search of running gear, dry fit clothing, slim fit tailoring and other gear I thought I might need. I settled with four leggings, four dry fit shirts and tank tops. It may not be official hiking gear but it should be sufficient!

Thermal clothing
Since our road trip will take us all the way up to Trondheim and we’ll be hiking up the hills and mountains, we’ll be needing warmer clothing as well. A colleague of mine, a regular Norway hiker, advised me to simply take a couple of woolen shirts with me. In addition, I’ll be bringing with me my fleece jacket that I snagged at the North Face sale this year 😉 Superbly comfortable and warm!

Rain coat
My colleague also pointed me towards a rain coat by QueChua (available at Decathlon in the Netherlands). It’s light, has waterproof coating and is windproof when paired with a fleece jacket underneath. I think the key to surviving bad weathers in Norway is layering. Let’s hope I packed enough to withstand the heavy rainfalls that can occur in the fjord regions.

I’ve been told that you don’t need actual hiking shoes to go hiking. If you have shoes with a good profile, those will do too. I still have my Brooks I bought in New York last year. The store owner swore by them and insisted I tried it. It’s heaven, on your feet. I trust these will get me through my road trip!

.. and loads of it! You can order a map at NAF Camping for E11 or you can order a free map at This website has helped me a lot in planning our route through Norway. Also check out sites like and

Other stuff
Things to keep you company on or off the road like a notebook, an iPad (yes, we are taking some electronics with us), a book, a sketch book, an iPod etc.







One last thing..
Skincare! A lot of skincare products I have are either in huge containers or in hefty glass containers. Definitely not the type of stuff you’d want to carry with you on a road trip. So I gathered some small empty containers that I had and filled them with the products that I use. These are my handful of skincare products 😉


One last, last thing..
In no way am I an expert on packing for road trips to Norway. This will be my first time and I’m psyched as hell. Just follow your instinct when you pack for your trip and consider what activities you’ll be doing. We haven’t figured it all out yet but we know we want to do some hiking, kayaking and other water activities so we packed a mix of dry fit, thermal and aqua wear. To save space in your travel bag, try rolling up all of your clothes. Not only does this give you a good overview of what is in your bag, but this way your bag will fit more (trust me). Also remember to layer. You can buy all the necessary clothing you want for all the activities you’re doing, but at the end of the day you’ll be spending way more than you would have with layering. And always pack light! I don’t believe you have to overpack in order to be prepared. Use your space and use it wisely.

There. Spoken like an expert, almost.

I am off to sleep. There’s still so much planning to do. This will be the last post for now! Take care guys. Don’t do things I wouldn’t do. Like, bizarre things. Abnormal is okay though.