The Avantguardian

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


column | 24 October 2016

I have always associated the word ‘pivot’ with the show Friends. In one of the most memorable scenes, Ross cries out the word in an attempt to get Chandler and Rachel to turn the couch up the staircase. The manner in which is even funnier than the scene when he screams ‘my sandwich, MY SANDWICH’ (and birds fly out of Central Park – also a memorable scene).

Now, with the presidential election, the word is being tainted by the many pivoting done by the Clinton and Trump surrogates, and on one or more occasions, the candidates themselves. Politicians much too easily choose the way out by redirecting focus to another subject whenever they’re confronted with allegations. It limits the art of speech and consequently makes room for confusion and nuisance.

That said, I have been doing my fair share of pivoting as well lately – in a good way though. Nowadays I divide my time photographing for clients and maintaining the business of blogging. One day you’ll find me all casually dressed, barely holding the bags of camera equipment I’m packing. Other days I am out on heels again going from appointment to appointment with purses so tiny it only fits my phone (such is the convenience of fashion). If my neighbors didn’t know me (they don’t actually), they’d think I’m suffering an identity crisis. Which I may well be.

All of it is doable with proper planning though – and I realize that at one point I will need to get myself an assistant or at least someone who helps with some editorial tasks (know anyone?). I know dozens of photographers and bloggers with assistants who clear up a bulk of the editorial schedules just by being there. But I also realize I am too much of a control freak to ever want to pass up tasks to others. One day perhaps.

As for now, I have decided to finally pivot my focus to a third outlet. One I can’t wait to show here soon.

All in good time, all in good time.