Pixar Expo

For months now I’ve been staring at the Pixar Expo wallpaper across the street and for months now have I been wanting to go desperately.
Pixar: 25 Years of Animation” it says in huge letters, picturing Mike and Wall-E on opposite ends. The Pixar Expo first opened in New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in 2005 and has since traveled the world before arriving in Amsterdam. Many people (not all kids, mind you) have come and gone. And last week, it was finally my turn to visit the exposition. Properly (that is, with my trusty photo camera) 😉


Upon entering, we’re presented with the Pixar timeline.


A walk down the aisle and you instantly remember the first Pixar movie you saw. I remember when the first Pixar movie came out. It was Toy Story and it was the start of fully computer animated films. It was CGI like we had never seen before. It was like Disney, but then again it was definitely not Disney. Now, my generation didn’t exactly grow up in the Pixar age. My generation grew up watching The Lion King, Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast. We grew up in the Disney age for a large part of our childhood. But then there was Pixar. Unlike Disney, Pixar told original stories. There were no stories of princesses,  kings and magical beings. But instead, Pixar opted to put the less likely into the spotlight. From toys in the bedroom who worry about being replaced with new toys to a clownfish father crossing the ocean to look for his son, Pixar told highly imaginative stories. But above all, the stories and characters remained relatable. And with the funny dialogues, Pixar has always held a certain edge over Disney.

So what’s to see at the Pixar Expo in Amsterdam? The exposition displays over 500 pre-selected works from the Pixar Animation Studios archives. From storyboards and early sketches to paintings and figurines, the exposition is filled with memorabilia both young and old can enjoy.

Early sketches


(Colored) drawings



No movie, animated or not, can start without a storyboard!




Isn’t Gil one of the most complex characters of Finding Nemo? I just had to make this one B&W.




The expo space


But wait! There’s more!


And if all this isn’t enough for you, the exposition also features many making-of videos, the amazing Artscape animation installation, a Toy Story Zoetrope and a cinema showing a documentary about John Lasseter and the start of Pixar, the last of which was my absolute favorite of the exposition.

I could write all I want about the exposition and show you all the pictures, but really this is something you have to see for yourselves. Young and old, both will experience the exposition on a whole other level. For me, it was reliving the Pixar magic and having a closer look behind the scenes. Which is really what the exposition is all about. From the figurines of the characters we have grown to love to the early-on delicate sketches of the characters, it was all a blast to see. And as soon as I got home, I felt the insane urge to watch all Pixar movies again (which I did)!

The exposition, Pixar: 25 Years of Animation, is held at the Amsterdam Expo (at Amsterdam’s Zuidas) through October 27th 2013.

The Pixar Expo is open daily from 9AM – 6PM and till 9PM on Fridays.

You can find the Pixar Expo at Amsterdam EXPO at:
Gustav Mahlerlaan 24
1082 MC Amsterdam
Call: 020-7630599
Email: contact@amsterdamexpo.nl