Pretty In Pink

Pretty In Pink


style | 26 September 2016

Ever since I was young, my favorite color has been red. All the girls in my class were in love with pink (especially baby pink – remember Baby Spice?), but I always found the color to be too bland for my taste. In the mean time, I was more attracted to a bright fiery red. I remember my grandmother buying us a kids qi pao (a traditional Chinese dress) once. I was horrified when she pulled out a pink dress from her suitcase but it turned out that one was meant for my sister. And then she pulled out a beautiful red qi pao – as if she knew. I can’t tell you how many times I wore it to parties. It was one of my favorite dresses.

Flash forward to now – and one of the things that gets me excited is seeing a beautiful pink blush in a palette.

Pink may have been too girly for me twenty years ago, but now it’s a color that stands for luxury and style. I must say that my recent visit to Sketch was an inspiration for this post (those velvety pink chairs are dreamy). Alas, here are some of my favorite pretty in pink items at the moment!

Pink Moet Flamingo Rose Imperial

1. Moët Flamingo Rosé Imperial 

This may be one of the most flamboyant champagne bottles ever. In a bright fuchsia pink, decorated with flamingoes, this bottle is an eye-catcher at any party. The champagne itself is a smooth and fruity rosé champagne and is currently a limited edition.

2. Essie Gel Couture

One of my latest obsessions is the Essie Gel Couture nail polish. I’m a girl who does not like to spend too much time on beauty. Essie nail polishes are perfect for their quality (they don’t chip easily) and are very easy to put on. The Gel Couture line has a special finish that makes your nail look like you’ve just come from a visit to the nail salon! My current favorites: The It Factor and Take me to thread.

Pretty In Pink Essie Gel Couture

Pretty In Pink For Her Perfume

3. S.Oliver For Her

At this point I’m sure you’ll agree that everything that comes in pink is pretty. As is this bottle of S. Oliver perfume. For Her is a floral fragrance with notes of peony, roses and magnolia. The bergamot and lychee tones give this perfume a luxurious exotic feel. It’s the perfume you wear on your night out with the bf or with your girlfriends!

4. YSL Rosy Contouring Kit

It may not come in a pretty pink package, but the YSL Rosy Contouring Kit comes with gorgeous lush pink colors. The Rosy Contouring colour is a muted rosy brown with warm undertones. The Rosy Highlight is a stunning rosy beige with a satin finish. Combined, the two blend beautifully into a light dusty rose look!

Yves Saint Laurent Contour Kit

Pretty in Pink Kikki K Rose Gold Notebook

5. Kikki K. Rose gold notebook

And to end with a non-beauty item but one that is a gorgeous must-have. I love Kikki K. stationary and this tiny notebook comes in a chic rose gold mirror finish. I’ve had loads of girls stop next to me asking where I got the notebook. I use it to scribble down new ideas for the blog!

As for the other items in the cover photo: Miu Miu sunglasses (I’ve been wearing this baby all summer), the Esteé Lauder blush stick (perfect for on-the-go), the YSL Baby doll lips (in a beautiful mauve ‘my-lips-but-better’ shade), the Aveda Föklôr collection in Rose Quartz, Chia and Primrose (buttery soft!) and Rosefield The Mercer in rose gold.