Rainy Days In New York

When we were in New York last year, we were blessed with a week of sunshine and warm temperatures. Except for one day – right in the middle of the week, it had to rain. And it wasn’t a late May shower, it was a heavy fall of rain. As Dutch people we can take a little rain. We live in rain. But on vacation, armed with no more than our summer jackets, it was horrible. As were the cheap umbrellas we were forced to buy in a small antique shop by the way. They blew over in no time. Due to the bad weather, I wasn’t able to shoot many pictures so I included pictures of our helicopter flight the next morning as well.

Rainy Days New York

Rainy days in New York


Lunch at Eric Ripert’s Le Bernardine – it was a lovely lunch (and not to mention great shelter for the rain).
Rainy Days New York

Grand Central – I was probably hogging the center spot for half an hour to do my shoot.

You are correct in thinking we probably stayed here a while.
Rainy Days New York

Grand Central’s Oyster Bar

I had always wanted to go here so this was a chance not to be missed. We ordered oysters, scallops and lightly fried calamari. Loved it.


Cocktails to end the night

View from the hotel’s rooftop bar. In hindsight, it probably would have been better to have chosen a hotel in Manhattan. But I do not regret the grand view we enjoyed every night. The hotel is situated right next to the Roosevelt Island bridge and every hotel room faces Manhattan. Imagine waking up (and going to sleep) to exactly this view. I think I took over 300 pictures of this view – I just couldn’t take my eyes off of it.

The next morning it was still a little bit cloudy and rainy. We went for a helicopter ride, which K arranged. If you go to New York next time, do not miss out on this. Here are the aerial shots.

I was advised to bring my zoom lenses for the ride. But as I have none, I brought with me all the lenses that I could take. Man, was that a bad choice. I kept switching from one to the other and at one point I was afraid I was going to drop my lenses. At the end, I decided to just leave it and enjoy the view. It was breathtaking.

Also, I was scared as shit for this ride. But even if you’re afraid of heights, this is actually less frightening than it seems. The minute you take off, it’s going to be all about the view.








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