25 Random Facts About Me

Since everybody is all up in their new year’s resolutions these days, and the only ‘resolution’ I respond to is 1920×1080 (HD, ftw), I figured why not start the new year with another up close & personal post! So… here we go!

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Despite what my wardrobe would tell you my favorite color is, it’s red. Ever since I was little I’ve been drawn to the color. Even now, I’ll don a little red, contrasting against my whites, blacks and other neutrals.


I have two sisters, Everlyn (25) and Ellen (19). Everlyn works as a marketing / branding associate and Ellen is an aspiring (graphic) designer.


We were raised by a single parent, my mother. My father left when I had just reached the age of 11. I was heartbroken. I was closer with my father than I was with my mother at the time. One day I passed my mother’s bedroom and I saw her cry. I knew from then on that it was going to be just the four of us. In all the years that followed, never did she make us feel like we were missing out on something. And looking back at it all, I think we did just fine and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.


One of the few ‘gifts’ my father gave us was music. From an early age, he’d have us listen to Chopin, Mozart and Bach and he’d push us to excel in music. He wasn’t there for most part of our childhood, but his musical influence was and has always been a significant part of our lives.


I had the biggest crush on Aladdin and Wolverine when I was a kid. I wanted to be a part of the X-men so bad I had created my own character, one who, I thought, would fit perfectly into the entire X-men timeline from The Dark Phoenix Saga to Days of Future Past.


I used to rap. Not professionally (lol) but it was confined to the space of my own bedroom and mostly my mind. I probably shouldn’t have said this; I’m trying to bury this in my own memories myself. But I love it. In my rap world, I was Lil’Brat, a name that was immortalized in my first ever hotmail email address. Yep, this happened.


I am probably one of the few women in this world to own less than ten pairs of shoes. But what I lack in the shoe department, I more than make up for with my dresses and skirts.


I have a fear of falling and failing. I also have a bizarre fear of clusters or heavily concentrated masses of circles or holes. Up until recently, I didn’t know it had a name: trypophobia. It makes my stomach turn!


I am also afraid of heights; severely. One time, I visited an exposition in Berlin with friends, where there was a platform simulation of a canyon. While the rest had no problem walking on and off the platform, I couldn’t even step a foot on the thing. No, I won’t consider bungee jumping off a cliff any time soon.


If I ruled the world, it would be couch potato day all day errr’day! With Mad Men; all seasons of my Mad Men.


When I was little I wanted to be a writer and and actress. I’d write screenplays and enact them all by myself. Sometimes, I’d reenact scenes from TV with my sister Everlyn and our childhood friend. Sure, we weren’t good at sports, but we acted the hell out of our movies!


I’m immune to all things considered ‘cute’ in Asia. Hello Kitty, the blue thing, the frog, the bear, the chick, the bunny and all other Sanrio characters. Don’t even get me started on Sailor Moon, Asian dramas or K-pop.


I am a food snob. The best dishes I have had among others are the shaved foie gras over Riesling jelly, pine nut brittle and lychee I had at David Chang’s Momofuku Ko, the rosemary buttermilk panna cotta with strawberry, mint jelly and lemon shavings at Gordon Ramsay’s Maze and the pork belly with foie gras, bone marrow and truffle at Aan de Poel. I have a superb taste palette (if I say so myself) and secretly think I’d make an excellent chef. Of course, I’ve never even touched a kitchen utensil.


I have written and directed two short films: one for CJP and one for Cinemasia. I don’t think any person in the creative field is ever content with what they’ve produced, but I’m happy that I did it. Will I do it again? I sure do hope so 😉


Of all the things that I love, I have the greatest passion for film. It started at an early age and I’ve not been able to shake it since. When I meet people for the first time, I always ‘test the waters’ by asking them for their favorite film. It’s horrible, I know.


I have a ton of movies I love and I couldn’t even begin naming them. However, since 2009, there has been one that I could watch over and over again. But I haven’t. And of all the movies I love, I’ve probably watched this one the least. But somehow I know every scene by heart. The music, the intensity, the writing, the cinematography. It’s not even a movie by my favorite director, but if I could ever direct a movie, it would be like A Single Man.


My favorite director is Wes Anderson.


As far as music goes, I’m quite picky. But if I like a song, I can easily go with that song for months, years. It drives K crazy every time I replay my favorite songs.


I don’t have a driver’s license. I don’t drive; I rather be driven than drive myself. I did have driving lessons in the past, but I hated it. Besides, I actually enjoy commuting.


I enjoy floating on water. It somehow makes me intensely happy. I have no idea why. I’ve had this since I was a kid. You won’t see me swimming laps in the swimming pool, but floating – I do floating.


I’m quite content with my humble 1.55m size and don’t feel the need to compromise by putting on high heels. If I could change something about me, I’d change my overthinking of things. Everything. I’d like that to stop for once!


On my playlist now: Frank Boeijen – Zeg me dat het niet zo is. A Dutch song a friend of mine once introduced me to. I generally don’t like Dutch songs, but this one has stuck with me ever since.


I forever associate the Dutch word ‘kakofonie’ (cacophony) with ‘failure’. In high school, we were once asked to memorize forty words under 1 minute. The objective was to memorize as many words as you could. The more you got, the greater it showed your concentration in school. I memorized all but one: kakofonie. It drives me crazy every time I think about it. Like an irony, it turns my head into a cacophony. I have even written a poem about it once and the word itself seems to have turned into a person for me. My mortal enemy, forever.


My favorite writer is Dutch writer Harry Mulisch. I don’t read as often as I used to. Lately, when I do read, I tend to go with books I know and love. But the other day, I read Ender’s Game. Loved the stuff! Couldn’t leave the book even when I was at work.


I eat in a pattern: after I’ve tasted all things on my plate, I start eating whatever I like least so that I leave the best for last. Other people who do this are generally those who eat their Dutch “Liga” cookies’ crust first before digging into the yoghurt center (high five) or their Oreo cookies by scraping off the white vanilla cream with their teeth, only to finish with the delicious dark chocolate cookies (again, high five).