5 Reasons Why You Should Go Offline More

5 Reasons Why You Should Go Offline

5 Reasons Why You Should Go Offline More

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

life | 16 January 2017

/ You’re addicted to social media

Which is bad. Because what does social media actually do for you? Think about what you are getting out of it. Is it just to kill time? Do you need to stay up-to-date on all your friends’ activities? Or has it become somewhat of an addiction for you to check up on your socials? Either way, you’re wasting time not doing anything substantial which is why you need to kill this bad habit asap!

2 /  You get back more ‘me’ time

One of the bad things about social media is that it can have a bad influence on people. You’re getting more stressed out comparing yourself to others. You’re getting more impatient because everything is about refreshing and receiving new information. If you cut back on social media, you’ll find that you’ll have more time to connect with yourself again. Social media can be toxic and it makes millennials one of the most depressed generations ever. Avoid this by cutting off your online time!

3 / You can work on your craft instead

Wandering around online aimlessly doesn’t build you anything substantial. It’s not that you get to call yourself an online media expert afterwards. Instead, spend your time honing your craft. Work on that painting you’ve been trying to finish for ages or take the photography class you wanted to do last year. Build up your work step by step. At the end of the year, you’ll find that you actually have something to show for!

4 / It’s better health-wise

Sitting behind the computer all day or holding your phone for a long period of time makes your body assume positions that are actually unnatural to the human body. It is the reason why people with office jobs often suffer from neck, shoulder and arm pain. You can try to walk around a bit in the office every hour but it will only limit the damage slightly. The best way is to limit the time you spend behind your desk as much as possible. If you don’t need to spend time behind the computer, don’t. It’ll be better health-wise!

5 / Your company will appreciate it

The need to be online all the time makes your focus divided. And one of the worst things when you’re with family or friends, is when you have to check your phone every twenty minutes. Not only is it rude, it’s also a surefire way to get you disinvited from future parties. And if you’re an auntie or one of the oldest in the family, it sets a bad example. Switch off your notifications or store away your phone in your purse. Trust me, you’ll survive in those few hours. Your present company is going to appreciate having your full attention and you get to actually enjoy being with your family and friends!