A New Era At Bord’Eau

The Avantguardian Igrien Photography

The Avantguardian Igrien Photography

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June 2018

With the appointment of Bas van Kranen as the new Executive Chef, Bord’Eau enters into a new era.

Bord’Eau has long been a favourite among food critics. The Michelin restaurant, previously led by Richard van Oostenbrugge, changed the Dutch food landscape for the better and has seen one iconic dish after another. Dishes fine-dining lovers have travelled to Amsterdam for – most notably perhaps the chef’s signature apple dessert. But it was time for a new chapter and so Richard moved on to a new adventure (Restaurant 212 – newly opened in Amsterdam). Which made way for a new face at Bord’Eau.

Bas van Kranen is no stranger to running Michelin kitchens. He previously led Michelin restaurant De Leuf and those who have met the young chef, have seen a fire in his eyes. This chef is ready to rock and roll. As we are seated in the private dining area, the chef shares his stories about settling in Amsterdam and his journey to creating the new menu. He explains his vision for the restaurant and immediately you get a sense of the passion the young chef has for his craft and kitchen.

The Avantguardian Igrien Photography

The Avantguardian Igrien Photography

Upon the first look, the menu has a noticeable seafood focus. We start the lunch with three amuse bouche dishes of smoked mackerel with bergamot and basil, octopus with horseradish and turnip and crayfish with verbena and green anise. A delightful start of the lunch!

The first course is a ceviche of red mullet with a leche de tigre of pomegranate with Inca berry and coriander. The dish is light, fresh and leaves you wanting more. The second course featured Norwegian scallops with a consommé of Thai shrimp, green papaya and yuzu. The richness of the consommé really adds to the sweet scallops and the papaya and yuzu are the perfect tang to balance out the flavours.

After the first two courses, I realise this new menu is made for you to lick your plates clean (which some of us did).

We continue with langoustine with perhaps the best and creamiest pumpkin tortellini I’ve ever had. Paired with orange and North Indian spices. This was an elegant dish with beautiful contrasts.

For our main, we are served a beautifully prepared ‘Kamper’ lamb with Pimientos del piquillo (sweet chili pepper) with anchovies and damson.

To end the lunch, we are served a red rose of beetroot with lychee, goat’s cheese and olive oil. A royalty of a dessert. This is a dessert that will win the hearts of both savoury and sweet dessert lovers. A new dish fine dining lovers will cross borders for! 

The Avantguardian Igrien Photography

The new menu at Bord’Eau is light and sophisticated. It fits in the modern day craving for lighter and healthier fine-dining. Restaurant Bord’Eau may have a special place already in the Dutch culinary world. But with a new chef, a new vision and new flavours, it is setting a new tone.

Find Bord’Eau in the Amsterdam city center at Hotel L’Europe.