Restaurant Frenchie in Paris

We arrived at 18:30h at Restaurant Frenchie in Paris. It was about 2°C that evening and there was a line of people by the door. It goes without saying that when you have to line up for food in Paris, a city rich of restaurants and excellent cuisines, it has to be really good. Well it was that good. But we didn’t know it yet. There we were, standing behind an American couple from Washington and a group of Americans in front of them. Behind us, an Australian couple and a group of Japanese. Gregory Marchand’s reputation had well preceded him. Excited and hungry as ever, we were escorted into the restaurant at 19:00h sharp. We took our seats by the kitchen counter and eagerly awaited the food.

Fresh out of the oven baked bread – a good start!

Truffle mortadella and pickled girolle mushrooms

All through the night, the waiter paired our dishes with a fine selection of wines – definitely recommended.


Chef adding the finishing touch to our dish.


Scallops, crispy parsnip, combava, pomegranate – I have died and gone to heaven. This was good and left us mouth watering. Way to set the standard!

Ricotta tortelli with butternut squash and amaretti biscuit.


Line-caught sea bass on a bed of pasta, celeriac, wild boar ragu and chestnuts – Outstanding dish. I vaguely remember scooping for whatever was left of that ragu and nuts with my fork.

Sole from l’Ile d’Yeu à la grenobloise.





Panna cotta with butternut squash and sage foam and roasted seeds – Forget what I said before, this is heaven. This is the perfect combination of a savory and sweet dessert dish where every element was highlighted beautifully. There was no sharing with this dish – It was that good!

Chestnut tree Honey ice cream, honeycomb – A favorite!

If you are looking for fancy or fine dining with a romantic set up, don’t come looking here. There is a raw ambiance here, dishes are served in a quick pace and you will be seated next to other people. But the atmosphere here is so laid-back that you almost feel compelled to make friends with your neighbors. It’s no Michelin star joint but it doesn’t try to be either. The food is great, prices decent. What more could you want really? I’m not saying you should go with Frenchie instead of a Michelin star restaurant. No wait – yes I am saying that you should go with Frenchie instead of a Michelin star restaurant. At least try it on your next trip to Paris. We left the restaurant with a feeling that we’d be seeing this restaurant again – most definitely.

Go to the Wine Bar instead of the Restaurant! The latter is more fancy-schmancy and less laid-back.
Arrive well before opening hours; Half an hour in advance will do. If not, prepare to wait, long!
Come with an empty stomach – you’ll want to eat here.
Pricing range: E120-E180 (per two; depending on the wines and amount of dishes you have)

Thank you for reading!