Restaurant Zheng’s Royalties Yin Yang Menu

Restaurant Zheng Den Haag Han Ji

Restaurant Zheng Den Haag Han Ji


Restaurant Zheng
Royalties Yin Yang

July 2019

One year anniversary

Restaurant Zheng launches a celebratory menu to mark their one year anniversary – the Royalties Yin Yang menu. When we visited the newly transformed restaurant Zheng last year, previously Han Ting, we were left in awe by the boldness of the restaurant’s new direction. Not only were we served an delightful menu highlighting various Chinese cuisines, it was also done in an exquisitely refined manner. This summer, Zheng presents the Royalties Yin Yang menu – a menu where flavours are offset against a nutritional and medicinal balance.

Restaurant Zheng Den Haag

The Royalties Yin Yang menu

The Royalties Yin Yang menu is a five-course menu that showcases ingredients meant to optimise your Meridian channels. As per traditional Chinese medicine, food serves a medicinal purpose and through ingredients, specific organs within our bodies are connected.

We start the first course with three dishes: the yellow-tail king fish with yuzu juice topped of with tobiko is light and delightfully fresh. The wild king prawn (photo above) was cooked to perfection and the rice wine vinegar, pesto and crunchy jelly fish added just the hint of tang and bite to balance the dish. And the whelk served with okra and goat’s cheese was simply phenomenal. As we’re enjoying our first course, we scroll through the informational online page provided by the restaurant with further explanation about the medicinal values of each ingredient.

The second course (photo right) is a beautifully lemongrass-grilled mackerel with dille, a steamed mackerel dim sum dish and noodles in a light sesame sauce and rice wine vinegar. This was an elegant dish. With each dish, you find yourself tasting every drop of sauce and tiny ingredients the dish is served with. Digging into the many flavours of each dish.    

Restaurant Zheng Royalties Yin Yang

Restaurant Zheng Royalties Yin Yang

The third course is a lightly battered frog leg in a delicious chili oil (photo left) – crunchy and scrumptious – and seared veal tongue with white radish – fragrant and full of flavour.

The fourth course was undeniably our favourite, with a surf and turf of lamb and sea bass. We’re told that in the Jiangsu kitchen, surf and turf pairings are common. We definitely were surprised at how beautiful the pairing was. There’s a bright umami flavour that opens up when you combine lamb with sea bass. The dish is served with bowl of pearl barley, with a heavenly lamb and sea bass broth.

The last course comprised of raspberry gin granité (meant to be mixed with our tea accompanying the course) and a watermelon cake (photo below) with taro cream and raspberry meringue. Never would I have thought the lightness of watermelon would work with the starchy taste of yam, but it was well balanced and worked beautifully together.

All dishes came paired with either tea, wine of cocktail or mocktail. I find that this range of pairings is broader than your usual wine pairing, offering a wider horizon to fit the palette of each dish.

Our thoughts

Nowadays there’s much more of an awareness for the amounts of food we consume and the effects this has on our body. And I often wonder where this will take fine dining in the future. But if this is it – it may be fine-dining 2.0 a lot of us are waiting for. We were already sold on the new concept when we visited last year. This menu, may have raised the bar even higher.

Restaurant Zheng Den Haag Han Ji

Restaurant Zheng The Hague Dessert

Restaurant Zheng

The Royalties Yin Yang menu is served seasonally with new ingredients changing every season. You can find Restaurant Zheng in The Hague at Prinsestraat 33.