Rosewood Beijing

Rosewood Beijing Hotel

At the heart of China’s capital, ancient traditions and modern-day life are merged
together in Rosewood Beijing. The hotel attracts travelers from all over the world
with its lush atmosphere, but it is also becoming Beijing’s stylish new dining destination.

I had the pleasure of staying at Rosewood Beijing in March and this post will be a review
of my stay at the hotel. For my dining experience at the hotel, I refer to my posts about
Rosewood Beijing’s Country Kitchen and Bistrot B (breakfast).

Rosewood Beijing Hotel

Rosewood Beijing Hotel

Rosewood Beijing is a 22-storey hotel located in the Chaoyang District, opposite the
iconic CCTV Tower. It is the first Rosewood Hotels & Resort property in China. The hotel
houses 283 ultra-luxurious residences and meeting and function spaces totaling 3,350 sq metres.

The first thing you will notice about Rosewood Beijing is how incredibly warm the vibe is.
The interior style is contemporary, but due to the use of neutral and more earthy tones in
the interior design, the hotel feels vibrant and alive.

There is a beautiful contrast between modern and old as well. The lobby for instance shows
great structures throughout a soaring five-storey space. But in this space, towering paintings
adorn the walls, paintings inspired by the traditional Chinese san shui landscape paintings.

Rosewood Beijing Hotel
Rosewood Beijing Hotel

Art is celebrated everywhere in the hotel. Rosewood Beijing features a curated art collection
that reflects on Rosewood’s ‘A Sense of Place‘ concept. The comprehensive art program is
meant to connect guests to the city’s personality and traditions.

I loved the hotel’s curated art collection and found myself often strolling around each floor,
discovering the many artistic wonder of the hotel.

Rosewood Beijing Hotel

The hotel’s elegant ambience extends into the guest rooms. Rooms are decorated in
warm hues of gold, beige and orange. The apartment-style accommodation features
cloisonné paintings and fine prints. The residence is filled with a personal library, art
objects and several magazines.

Upon entering the room, I was most surprised at how detailed the room was. In every
corner of the room, there was a book library or shelf ready to be unearthed and magazines
waiting to be read. The room was so personalised it almost felt like home.

On the table, there was a bowl of fruit. Which isn’t that special in hotels anymore these days.
What was special, was the service that came knocking on my door one late afternoon, asking
if I wanted more fruit. And before me stood a lady with a basket full of mandarins! At
night, I would find small treats next to the bed (a bowl of pistachios and nougat and an
egg tart) Small pleasures, but nonetheless pleasant!

Rosewood Beijing Hotel
Rosewood Beijing Hotel

Rosewood Beijing Hotel

Rosewood Beijing Hotel

Rosewood Beijing Hotel
Rosewood Beijing Hotel


Rosewood Beijing Hotel

Rosewood Beijing Hotel
Rosewood Beijing Hotel

Continuing down to the hotel’s Bistrot B Lounge Bar, you will find sweets, pastries,
ice cream and other such refreshments. The lounge bar is the perfect place to enjoy
an afternoon bite before dinner. The hotel celebrates Chinese and international culinary
culture by offering no less than six restaurants or lounges: Country Kitchen (Northern
Chinese comfort food), Bistrot B (French-Mediterranean), Bistrot B Lounge Bar, Red
Bowl (hot pot style restaurant), Mei (cocktail, wine and whiskey bar) and the House of
Dynasties (private dining).

On my first day, I sampled dishes at Country Kitchen. I am so thrilled about this discovery
I have vowed to return to it the next time I’m in Beijing. You can read all about it here.

Rosewood Beijing Hotel

Rosewood Beijing Hotel
Rosewood Beijing Hotel

Rosewood Beijing Hotel

Head down to the Rosewood Sense spa, the first spa in Asia to feature an indoor-swimming
pool, gym and yoga studio. The spa is designed like an inside resort, with lounge seats, a
heated pool area and you’re surrounded by trees, bushes and golden glowing lights on the
walls. The space is covered with a glass ceiling, giving it a light and spacious feel.

The Rosewood Sense spa is one of the most beautiful spas I have seen so far. I had the luck
of being the only one at the pool every time I visited. It is the perfect retreat after a day of
sightseeing and shopping!

Rosewood Beijing Hotel
Rosewood Beijing Hotel

Rosewood Beijing Hotel

Rosewood Beijing Hotel

Rosewood Beijing Hotel

Rosewood Beijing Hotel

Rosewood Beijing is the perfect blend of architecture, culture, art and history, all in a stylish
coat. The ambience is vibrant yet peaceful. It’s dynamic and yet the perfect retreat from the
busy city life. The service at the hotel is exceptional and the culinary treats should not be
overlooked by foodies.

The unique and authentic experience Rosewood Beijing offers, is one I can recommend to
all travelers to Beijing. This was my first stay at a Rosewood Hotels & Resorts and I have a
feeling it won’t be my last.

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  • Hayley Larue

    Absolutely Beautiful! Love all of the art shared around the hotel.

    • Agree. This was one of my favourite hotel stays so far, especially because of all the art!

  • Wow, stunning place!

    Amy Ann
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    Wow, the interior is truly incredible. I’d love to stay at this place 🙂

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    • I loved the interior as well. If you ever are in Beijing, do visit Rosewood!

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    • Thank you – much appreciated!
      I loved the place so much I forgot all about the rest of the world. I would love to go back one day!

  • Wow, now we have to visit someday. This looks like the most incredible place to stay. We’re in love, and looks like there is so much inspiration here!

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    • It definitely was an inspiring stay! If you ever are in Beijing, do visit Rosewood!

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    This hotel and especially its spa look just like paradise to me. The room looks so cozy but chic at the same time. Like an apartment in some modern building:)

    Thank you for this review; I would keep this hotel in mind if I travel to China one day:)

    • Great, I hope you will enjoy it then as well!
      The spa wasn’t fully finished yet when I was there, so hopefully when you’re there, it’s all ready! It was definitely one of the most beautiful hotels I’ve seen so far.

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    Wonderful hotel, the swimming pool area is awesome

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    • Thank you Tracy! I loved the design as well. It’s a great contrast of traditional and modern!
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    • Hi Yasmin,
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      Thanks for stopping by!