Hair Makeover Day!

Salon B Amsterdam Asian Hair Balayage

You may have noticed it already in my previous post – I dyed my hair recently. I had been thinking about doing a hair makeover for a while but I didn’t know which color to go for. I wanted something new, fresh, a color that would complement my complexion. After discussing with my hair stylist, we decided to go with a color blend that would fit my personal style the best. I went from an almost pitch black color to black with a subtle chestnut/bronze balayage. Classy, ready for spring/summer and a new me!

I went to Salon B in Amsterdam for my Asian hair makeover. Salon B is (in)famous for their coloring treatment techniques and staying ahead of the game. If I remember correctly, they were the first ever salon in the Netherlands to introduce a blow dry bar, a concept so common in salons nowadays. For my hair makeover I met up with Sanne, a hair stylist, coloring specialist and as of recent, also one of the B Academy trainers. I’m going to take you through the whole process – let’s go!

Salon B Asian Hair Makeover Sanne

Salon B Asian Hair Makeover Sanne

Salon B Amsterdam Asian Hair Balayage

Salon B Amsterdam Asian Hair Balayage

Going from dark to color: The coloring process

1. Bleaching

The first step to coloring dark hair, is the bleaching process. A peroxide mixture is applied to the hair. Your hair contains many colors and by bleaching you are stripping away each color until you get to the layer of color you need. Bleaching reveals colors in several stages; it goes from brown – red – orange – yellow. 

2. Coloring 

Don’t panic when the bleaching process leaves your hair in the most hideous, brassy color. This is where the coloring process comes in. While bleaching strips away color pigments, a color dye will add pigments back into your hair. Your bleached hair will look full and vibrant of color again after the color dye.

3. Toning

Toning is the process of correcting hair tones to a warmer, deeper or cooler tone. It’s a treatment designed to be fairly translucent and with the aim to evening out the natural variation of your hair. Toning softens your hair color without adding heavy pigments and is usually used to adjust warmth levels.

Salon B Amsterdam Asian Hair Balayage

My experience

Salon B values healthy hair. This means they won’t commit to a coloring session if they think it will damage your hair. This assured me that I was in good hands at Salon B. Sanne was extremely helpful in helping me choose the right color. We decided to go with a bronze/sunkissed balayage look but with a cooler tone and keeping the lower layers of my hair in my natural black color. We started the bleaching process at 9am in the morning. Because of my dark hair, the bleaching took some time and we only finished around noon. The bleaching process left my hair in a hideously orange/yellow color that was hard to look at! We started the coloring process soon after, with Olaplex. Olaplex is a new treatment method that allows your hair to heal and repair, during and after a coloring session. The coloring session didn’t take that long, it was the bleaching that took up most of the time. After that we added a purple toner to bring down the bronze color to a cooler chestnut tone.

Sanne then worked her magic with her scissors. We kept the hair length long and added layers to create more volume. The end result was a gorgeous light and dark wavy hair. It’s amazing how something as small as a hair makeover can make you feel like a completely different person. I felt edgier, new and I fully embraced my new sassy alter ego! If you’re looking for a hair stylist and coloring specialist – I highly recommend Sanne!

*Note: the color of my hair in the photos is a bit warmer than initially colored by Sanne. Colored hair can shift to warmer colors after a period. For me this happened within a week, which was when these photos were taken.

Tips & Tricks

1. Before you decide to go with a certain color, realize that it may take longer when you have darker colored hair. For instance, don’t expect to go from black to silver in one day!

2. Go to a hair salon that supports healthy hair. Bleaching is a damaging process and going from two extremes within a day will leave your hair damaged. Don’t go to a salon that promises to do what you want in a day; instead visit a salon that will take you through the process step by step (even if it means it costs more).

3. Always discuss with your hair stylist / coloring specialist what will look best on you and how they can achieve that for you. Looking at pictures on Pinterest really isn’t enough; but do go through the salon’s social media to see what they’ve achieved previously (check out the Salon B Instagram here!).

4. Don’t do extreme bleaching and coloring at home. Home disasters are difficult to fix because usually the hair is damaged already to a point where it will take your stylist several sessions to fix it. At least go in for a consultation before you attempt a home makeover.

5. Don’t underestimate after care. Bleaching and dying is a heavy process that weakens your hair. Invest in quality shampoos to strengthen and rebuild your hair again.

Would you guys go for a hair makeover this year? What color or style would you go for? Let me know in the comments below!

Salon B Amsterdam Asian Hair Dye