7 Signs That You Are A Wallflower

We all know a wallflower in our circle of friends. Perhaps you are one yourself (for which, yay). Most people think of wallflowers as the type of people who shy away for anything. People who are socially awkward and don’t have any friends at all. People who don’t like going out and being active. This couldn’t be further from the truth. While there are different types of wallflowers (the silent kind, the party-hardy kind (yes, they’re out there), the indifferent kind), there are ways to make out whether you are a wallflower or not. Here are 7 signs that you are a wallflower.

1. You love being alone This isn’t completely fair. A lot of people like being alone. But you actually enjoy your alone time. In fact, you probably enjoy it more than being with your friends or boyfriend. You don’t even need to do anything. You can sit silently by the window, watch the raindrops roll down the window pane and be completely satisfied with your day. When your roommate or boyfriend comes home and asks you what you’ve done all day, you casually say nothing special. But you know you just had an awesome day.

2. You’re a day-dreamer Wherever you are, you are always thinking about other things. You can’t sit in class without thinking about a cool name to name your cat. You wander off in your mind even when people are talking to you. And it’s not even for important things. You may be thinking about the most mundane thing in the world, like how zero is the only number that isn’t represented in Roman numerals. Maybe you’re not thinking about anything at all but you simply don’t care that much about what the other person is saying. Before you know it, you’ve missed the point of the entire conversation, after which you can only nod alone and smile, friendly. And hope they don’t ask you what you think.

3. You wear black Mostly. Maybe your closet doesn’t completely consist of black pieces, but you generally only wear dark or neutral colours. Basically any colour in a muted tone. Even though the term wallflower would maybe suggest a slight preference for flowery prints or colours, you tend to go with less colourful colours. Definitely nothing that screams I’m here. Usually only colours that say I’m not here.

4. You don’t do dancing You just don’t. You may go to a dance with your friends on occasion, and they may drag you to the dance floor with them. But when they do, you move around, swinging your head. Occasionally you nod your head to your friends and smile and say something like ‘hey this is fun’. But as soon as they’re getting drinks, you make your way to the corner of the room where you’ll disappear for the rest of the night.

5. You don’t like small talk You just don’t see the need to fill silent gaps. You can stand in the elevator with your neighbour and ride all the way to your floor in silence. Occasionally you’ll think about something funny in the elevator, like hugging your neighbour and saying ‘this was fun’ and you’ll laugh about it. In your head.

6. Being awkward is your thing You know you can be socially awkward at times and you know this confuses or frustrates the people around you. Especially when you stare at people without saying a thing (which you are best at, hands down). But you rather like the uncomfortable environment you create. In fact, you find it quite funny and you find yourself smiling about it later on that day.

7. You are an awesome person And you know it. That is, not to say that only wallflowers are awesome people (I mean, most of us are), but meaning that while some people may fail to see your value in the world, you, in the mean time, are painting Picasso-like paintings in your bedroom and composing one piano sonata after the other. After all, you are what the Latin proverb still waters run deep is about. 

So, are you a wallflower?

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