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July 2017

Until recently, beauty oils were somewhat of an unknown area to me. I have a combination skin with dry but mostly oily areas. Especially in the summer, when I don’t finish my make up with a translucent powder, my skin tends to get oily real quickly! So the last thing on my mind, is a beauty product that is oil-based.

I decided to do some research on what beauty oils are exactly and why they’re so popular nowadays. So as a second in our Skin Sessions series, here’s all you need to know about beauty oils!

What is it?

Beauty oils come in a variety of forms nowadays. You have facial oils, hair oils, body oils. Not too long ago, natural oils were all beauty experts were talking about. Oils like coconut oil, argan oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera oil… it was an endless list of oils and they all seemed to be selling out everywhere. 

What does it do?

First off, beauty oils are not moisturizers. Moisturizers contain ingredients that draw water into the skin, leaving a hydrated and moisturized skin. Oils on the other hand, are emollient. They coat the skin with a seal. This is why you should always use oils last! There are a few beauty oils that act as a moisturizer though. Look for humectants on the packaging to know for sure.

If they’re not primarily used as moisturizers, why use oils then?

They’re packed with anti-oxidants and vitamins that repair and protect the skin. This is the main reason why beauty experts swear by oils. Oils are known to enrich the skin with nutrients, reduce wrinkles, combat acne, add shine (especially in hair oils), reduce pores and repair and protect the skin against external and environmental damages.

Oils are also known as great make up removers. They break up your make up and strip your skin in a much more gentle way than a non oil-based cleanser. For instance, the Shu Uemura make up remover oil is one of the top beauty products of all time. It is one of my holy grails. I also love the new Kiehl’s midnight recovery oil, also a cleansing oil (with a lovely lavender scent that puts you right to sleep!).

When do I use it?

Last – always. Use it first and your other products won’t be able to penetrate the thick seal of the oil. I would start the morning with your regular skincare routine. Then start applying your make up. Last, seal the deal by dabbing a small amount of oil over your face. It also gives your beauty look a dewy finish.

One of the current beauty trends is actually to mix a few drops of your facial oil with your foundation. I have been giving this a try recently and have found that it gives my skin a radiant glow. Not like a moisturizer, but it reduces my pores like a primer would do and adds a dewy shine (to my otherwise matte-to-slightly-dewy foundation) to the face. 

I’m currently using the La Mer renewal oil – an oil that is a great oil for different types of uses. I use the oil on my lips when I have chapped lips or in my hair to add a bit of shine. But I’m loving the oil in my foundation the most now!

Are oils bad for oily skin or hair?

Not necessarily. In fact, oils can strip down the skin and can help rebalance your body oils again! 

What else do I need to know?

Do your research before using any oil on the face. Don’t use a body oil on the face because body oils tend to be heavier and can clog pores rather than reduce them. I have a friend who once had a beauty oil treatment on her face and her skin reacted badly to it (swollen face for a good two weeks). It’s always good to consult your dermatologist if you have specific problems to combat. Or go to the store for advice on the best oils for your needs. 

Not ready to use oils yet?

Start with beauty products that aren’t a 100% oil-based but do contain oils. Bobbi Brown recently launched their Remedies – a collection of treatments that boost the skin and target specific problems. The treatments contain oils. This was the first intro for me into the world of oils!