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Skincolor De La Mer

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


beauty | 17 October 2016

Created for La Mer

Looking good has everything to do with feeling good in your own skin. And that starts with a healthy lifestyle. Drinking loads of water throughout the day and taking in the necessary vitamins and nutrients all day can make all the difference on your skin. Living a healthy lifestyle equals a naturally radiant and glowing skin. To support this, skincare products are essential as well.

For the longest time I put off finding the right foundation mainly because I believed I simply didn’t need it. I have skin problems like any other person but overall my skin is smooth (bless those Asian genes). But as I grow older, signs of aging are starting to show and I’m looking more and more into products with covering properties.

La Mer recently launched their Skincolor de La Mer line. If you’ve never tried La Mer before, I recommend you go to the store and request a sample (the La Mer skincare line is rated as one of the best in the world).

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Skincolor De La Mer

What makes the products different from other make up lines is that all products contain La Mer’s skincare properties. La Mer promotes a beautiful and healthy skin – it’s one of the brand’s pillars – and the philosophy is that it should always start with the right skincare. The new Skincolor de La Mer is developed with La Mer’s ‘Miracle Broth’ so all products are aimed at energizing, vitalizing and moisturizing the skin as well.

For a natural look, start with The Concealer. Apply the concealer under the eyes and dot on areas that need extra coverage.

The stick packaging allows you the control you need to apply the concealer (perfect for on-the-go application as well). 

Skincolor De La Mer

















The star of the show of the Skincolor de La Mer line however is the Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation.

Upon application the Skincolor foundation feels soft and has a fresh scent that is not too overpowering.

The foundation colors blend into your own skin smoothly and adapts to your tones.

I have a warmer toned skin and it’s always a hassle trying to find the right color to match my skin.

The color I am recommended is the Beige 32 for the foundation and Medium 32 for the concealer.

When I look in the mirror after application, my skin looks silky smooth and I am amazed by the coverage of the foundation and how invisible the foundation feels. 

The foundation is absorbed into your skin leaving a naturally smooth surface.

The moisturizing properties give the foundation a slightly dewy finish.

After a while, a natural glow surfaces on the skin, making your skin look young and fresh.

I have to admit – with the foundation on I look as young as I was ten years ago!

Skincolor De La Mer Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation

Apply the foundation with the foundation brush using circular motions to create a natural finish.

The foundation brush has a rounded top that is slightly pointed (perfect for application around the nose and eye area).

Stipple on the foundation on areas that need more coverage.

Skincolor De La Mer Foundation Brush














Skincolor De La Mer Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation

La Mer has always been well known for their skincare products. It was only a matter of time before they started a make up line, promoting the same philosophy as their skincare line.

The secret to great skin should be a combination of three things: 1.) a healthy lifestyle; 2.) skincare; and 3.) natural make up. You are in charge of the first – La Mer will do the rest for you.

Looking at the photos, I’d almost think I’d be writing about a skincare product. Which in my opinion sums up all that needs to be said about the Skincolor de La Mer line!

Skincolor De La Mer