Spring Has Sprung

The Avantguardian Igrien

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April 2018

Hello dear Spring, you have been missed. With the cold winter weather, it was about time you arrived.

These recent months have been filled with more projects than I had time. Sometimes I wonder if I’m not just stretching out my limits too much. Or that I’ve just taken on too much work. I’m convinced this is my mother’s doing. Her work ethics and workaholic attitude (she leaves no time for resting) has seeped into my and my sister’s lives, making us unavailable for even a quick coffee catch up session with friends. But it has all made us more dream maker than dream chaser – and there’s nothing more beautiful than creating your own path.

K always seems amazed at our ability to slave away behind the computer all day. Editing photos, chasing assignments and clearing that inbox. The latter has been a pain in my arse really. If there’s a way someone can clear up my incoming emails – please send in your resumes. You will be assigned the task to do just that, to select the best Spotify playlists for the office and to actually buy time. If you can do that, consider yourself hired!

As for my life as a photographer – it has been draining in time and energy but fulfilling in life and passion. If you had told me I would be in this position today three years ago, I would have jumped at your story and signed for the deal. Because there’s nothing more thrilling than the excitement of passion. And I am grateful for every opportunity coming my way. For all of you who have been following me here since the beginning and after – thank you so much for your support.

There’s going to be some exciting campaigns coming up this Spring and we’re already preparing for our Summer campaigns.

In other words – keep an eye on this space here!