Spring Moisturizing Masks

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April 2018

If you are constantly finding your skin dull, dry and irritated, chances are you are not taking care of your skin enough. Especially with the constant changing weather in the Netherlands, it’s easy to forget to give your skin some extra attention it needs. After all, good skincare is like food for the skin. And missing out on an essential step can make your skin react differently to weather changes than normal.

With the current weather situation, it’s good to not only have proper moisturizers, but also to have a good routine of moisturizing masks. Masks can dry out your skin if you’re not using the right mask. Masks that focus on cleansing the skin or exfoliating can dry out the skin. So it’s good to change up your mask routine with a moisturizing mask. Here’s some of our favourite moisturizing masks out there.

1. Starskin Gold Mask
One of the best moisturizing masks are without a doubt sheet masks. The trend that took over Asia, is also starting to take over the Western world as well. Beauty brands seem to have discovered the popular beauty trick here and we’re seeing sheet masks with Western brands as well. Starskin has a range of sheet masks and The Gold Mask is a mask that plumps and rejuvenates. The benefits of a sheet mask is firstly that it is a mask bathed in an essence. You leave it on for twenty or so minutes and just let your skin soak up the moist from the sheet. There’s no better way to combat a dull and dry skin than with a sheet mask. This is also a must in my travel carry-on and with every trip from Asia, I make sure I pack loads of sheet masks back with me!

2. Lancôme Rose Mask
The Lancôme Rose Mask is a sight for sore eyes. This pretty pink and gold package is filled with tiny rose leaves and is made with the most fragrant rose extracts. The mask replenishes and soothes the skin in a way sleeping masks do in Asia. It’s a light substance but at the same time rich because your skin absorbs the lightness of the mask much better than a thicker mask. If you’re looking for a great beauty gift, this is definitely a good one!

The Avantguardian Igrien

3. Clinique Moisture Surge Mask
Those familiar with the Clinique Moisture Surge line, will know of the moisturizing properties of the products. The overnight mask is no different. Apply the mask in the evening and leave it on when you go to sleep. You wake up with a fresh and plump skin, fully moisturized. Due to the lightness of the texture, you’re going to want to apply this almost every night!

4. Origins Drink Up
Origins is one of the most popular brands for masks – and rightly so. I am obsessed with their Charcoal Mask (pore cleanser) and have been using the Rose Clay Mask (cleansing & soothing) for ages. I feel like if you want to stick to one mask brand, Origins is a good one do to so because they offer a range of affordable masks that come highly recommended with many beauty experts. The Drink Up Mask was a new one for me to try. The mask is formulated with algae extracts, an ingredient you often see in Asian beauty products as well. It hydrates the skin and gives off a soft glow as well. It was certainly a different kind of mask than my other Origins favourites but one I need in dehydrated times.

The Avantguardian Igrien

The Avantguardian Igrien

The Avantguardian Igrien

5. Chanel Hydra Beauty Mask
Last but not least, there’s the Chanel Hydra Beauty Mask. The Hydra Beauty line was actually one of the first beauty lines I used when I was young. The hydrating formula of the products, combined with the luxurious feel and subtle fragrance – it all made me fall in love with beauty at once. I believe this mask comes in a new formula with shea and cocoa butters. It makes for an ultimately rich cream that firms and moisturizes the skin deeply. This is a moisturizer perfect for when you really need some serious weapons to battle your skin dullness and dryness!